Novgorod airbase scramble question

  • TripleA

    so germany drops into baltic states, no naval battle is occuring, but can russians scramble still?

    This came up in a game and no one know the answer.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    YES, they may scramble.

  • TripleA

    woah shit that is cool

  • Customizer

    Fighters and tacs on an airbase can scramble into any sea zone that territory borders even if the enemy attack is not on that particular territory. A few examples:
    Allies attack Korea; the airbase on Japan can scramble to SZ 6.
    Axis attack Baltic States, Vyborg or Allied controlled Finland; the airbase in Novgorod can scramble to SZ 115
    Axis attack Karelia, Archangel, Nenetsia or Allied controlled Finland; the airbase in Novgorod can scramble to SZ 127
    Axis attack Normandy/Bordeaux or Allied controlled Holland/Belgium; the Airbase in Great Britain can scramble to SZ 110

    Those are just a few examples off the top of my head.

  • What if say the USN moves into an empty sz112 but doesn’t land any troops? Could ftr/tac scramble? If they can’t or the Germans don’t scramble, what happens when a uk transport then unloads into say norway or denmark? Any  scrambled air would only fight the Brit units right?

  • If the US forces are moving in Non-combat - which is what you described - then there is no scramble.
    Scrambling takes places after combat movement and before combat.

    If a UK transport tried to attack in SZ 112 and Germany scrambled, then only UK forces would fight.
    If it were only a transport, then scrambling would prevent UK from successfully being able to unload troops.

  • Awesome, thanks

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