• I like playing the US. Always fighting far from home, and you have the option to go east or west.

  • 1. Germany (main burden of the war)

    2 Japan (Germany’s ‘little’ helper)

    3= UK & Russia (most important to keep germany busy)

    4 US (sorry, but no challenges; far off from most the action in cosy Alabama)

  • I’ll say one thing. The US player always gets high marks and kudos when he rides in with transports loaded with American GIs to save the day. 😉

  • I second that!

  • 2007 AAR League


  • hahaha, no way sir

  • I love my UK transports. Somehow i manage to save my rolls of "1"s for the german fighters that come to take them out.

  • Russia

  • i like playing two countrys japan and germany

  • 2007 AAR League

    How did the U.S. make this comeback 😮 ?

  • Don’t know-it looks like a sudden display of patriotism, or something.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yeah, but hey, that’s something that this country needs.

  • I know in most of these contest, Great Britain usually ends up dead last, but she is my favorite country. Unlike Japan or Russia, which is expected to do something ‘big,’ Great Britain is more of a helper country. When Great Britain does something well or comes in at a crucial juncture, it is considered a bonus to the Allies, not just an every game occurrence. It is great when I see my Allies’ faces light up right as Great Britain delivers urgently need British troops to Russia right as Germany prepares its great attack.

    Another thing I really like about Great Britain is the absolute freedom that comes with playing that country. Great Britain is usually the country that most Axis players put beneath their radar, and then turn red-faced and stunned when they see Great Britain build up such a large armada in just a couple of turns. Unlike, the United States which is away from much of the fighting, with Great Britain I can threaten almost all of the German mainland territories at once with my navy.

    Which leads to another point, Great Britain has by far the most flexible build structure, I can buy every piece with Great Britain. My bombers are free to take the war over the skies of Germany if they want, fighters to support for invading infantrymen or provide quick, rapid defense, an aircraft carrier or battleship to wrest control of the high seas, tanks in a dash for Africa, and even a factory in Africa or India if I want. The possibilities are endless. ^_^

  • This all depends of course on my mood for the day but…

    I like playing as Germany for the following reason: usually after the initial moves (knocking out the UK army, taking Africa) Germany is expected to turtle up and wait for Japan to break the game open, force the Russians to turn east, pressure the US west coast and divert resources there, etc… usually it’s a very “waiting game”.

    However unlike my beginning days where I couldn’t wait to throw the Panzers into a win-win battle (and subsequently lose them all the next turn), as Germany these days it’s more of a game of keeping the Panzers in reserve and launching quick hits. Usually massing about 7-9 and launching an attack against Russia to take out 5+ INF, even at a similar loss to me. Keep chipping away waiting for the moment when Russia is weak enough to really stab outwards. Also, looking for that stray transport and hitting it up with a bomber/ fighter.

    There’s a lot out there for the German player but it’s not as obvious as Japan. With Germany you have to work for every inch of soil. I like the challenger.

  • Moderator

    Russia’s give’s you a neat challenge so I like it best…

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