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    Vote how you feel the game is balanced.

    Post the # of games you played and the # of times axis or allies won in each of them in a reply below.

  • Mistakes made on either side swing the game one way or the other.  That is pretty neutral to me.

    Bad dice can swing the game one way or the other, regardless of how well planned and executed a strategy you employ.  That is pretty neutral to me.

    I think a well played Axis can win consistently.  A well played Ally can win just as consistently.  Mediocre play on either side tips the scales in favor of the other.

  • TripleA

    I agreed with my vote, but survey should be taken.

  • It really depends on the player, but I’d say very very slightly Allies.

  • TripleA

    I been noticing everyone I play wants to be axis.

    The game is new and I have a much easier time playing axis because it is a much simpler game, there is no coordination.

  • I also think Allies might a little in the advantage simply because taking london gives the Axis too many penalties, especially considering the effort they have to make at taking london.

    Altho I think it’s pretty balanced and I must admit I actually never lost a game as Axis, altho I found that it was easier to win when I was playing as the Allies. Still have to admit the Axis are the most fun for me to play with (just seeing those german roundels all over Russia is awesome :D)

  • The problem I see is that there is no way to save Russia without losing the war in the Pacific.

  • TripleA

    yeah it kinda depends on how much stuff you have left after sea lion. as long as i got a tank and a couple bombers i can make a comeback. vs russia.

    the funny thing is, i typically lose uk a round after usa is in war. I pretty much bank on japan winning after usa over commits to atlantic.

    most of my axis games are won with japan… some people don’t seem to have a pacific playbook at hand.

    The problem I see is that there is no way to save Russia without losing the war in the Pacific.

    Honestly a nutless monkey can build 2 destroyers a sub every round for pacific with a carrier fighter buy every now n then and a few transports.

    then this nutless monkey can send it to hawaii then from hawaii to anzac naval base and from anzac naval base he can take the cash islands away from japan. yes a nutless monkey can do it, but people try to do fancy stuff and it fails hard.

    That’s what I do as usa.


    the rest goes to atlantic. some players just aren’t buying anything for pacific so they can’t put any pressure on japan to save uk’s a**.

    also you don’t really need transport buys. you start with 2 which is good enough. anzacs typically buy 1 tran 1 inf round 1. take java then round 2 celeb and new guinea unless japan went to war already.

    What i noticed is the longer japan waits to war, the worse off russia is, but the better off pacific is.

  • TripleA

    fighters can make it to russia from eastern persia so if you solve the pacific puzzle you can always ship whatever african and calcutta air up to russia in time for the big showdown.

    I always build 2-5 naval for pacific throughout the game unless the cash islands are taken by allies and japan is sunken.

    the main focus for usa early on is. just have 2 transports, 1 carrier couple fighters… all you need to ninja denmark/norway. the rest should be destroyers or more carrier fighter. you provide uk with naval.

    for uk after germany spent french money and it is not on sea lion. build your 4 fighter force (2 for carrier 2 for scramble or buy dd /carrier or something off quebec to sink destroyers. get a transport over there if you gonna make it safe to get the 2 or 4 guys there off of it to uk. save the rest of the income.

    you want to make a transport buy that fills you up to 5 or 6 so you can start dropping max payloads.

    in dice games you should just drop the full 10 every round no prob. in LL games they can strafe you so the strategy is different.

  • I think there is perfect balance. Italy and UK have parity in africa now, something lacking when game was released. The addition of aa’s that can absorb hits have helped make sealion less of a no brainer.

  • TripleA

    The polling shows an axis favorite as of right now. 4 people voted axis strongly 8 axis slightly 8 allies slightly.

    A sub bid for UK makes UK1 smoother against italy sz97. I don’t play LL games without that bid, I’ll just take axis or do something else.

    Bidding is a ritual that decides who plays what, so bidding for allies makes sense.

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