Italian Neutrality

  • 2017 '16 '15

    In my limited searching I couldn’t find if this has been discussed before

    If uk and italy were neutral to start the game

    would allow italy first strike even though they go after uk(historical even though it’s a semi-historical game)

    this would give italian fleet better survival chance against dedicated uk1 attack

    how would this affect the game?

    this should probably be in house rules just was curious if anyone had a opinion

  • Not to ruin your parade, however it has been discussed.

    I feel Italy should be the one to decide when it ‘joins’ as it losing all or most of its navy at the start is unfair to such as a small IPC nation.

    If you house rule this, the UK I beleieve will be at a slight disadvantag in the med and have an advantage in Sealion.

  • 2017 '16 '15

    thanks for the reply

    don’t worry about the parade the dancing girls backed out anyway:)

    doesn’t look like it would impact that much 
    I think I’ll give it a go in the future

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