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Aa gun question

  • TripleA

    1 inf 1 artillery are attacking 1 inf and 2 aa guns.

    attackers score a hit may the defenders choose an AA gun as a casualty instead of an infantry?

  • '10

    If you play Alpha 3, then yes he can.
    And he will also take the other AAgun as next casualty.

  • TripleA

    ah cool, so i wasn’t supposed to lose germany then… i had 4 guys on it and usa nutcrackered norway/denmark uk landed 4 guys … i had a bunch of aa guns…

    god dam it. he rolled 2 hits i rolled 1… i coulda lost 2 aa guns and still had 2 more. mmm oh well. me and my group forgets the rules too much lol.

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