Study…Hitler, Reagan & Limbaugh a Conservative Match!!

  • @NatFedMike:

    Every Country has its share of Ignorant people. lots … it is just that he bashes so many people he gets what he deserves 😛

    That’s the problem, when the share is either so big or so loud…

  • is not Conflict great 🙂

  • Especially with stupid Germans 😉

  • @NatFedMike:

    lots of Americans are over weight fat asses who follow what Bush says blindly and think the War in Iraq is some Holy Crusade that can do no wrong.

    Hey, I may be an ass, but I’m not overweight. 🙂 As far as Bush, and the Presidency in general, as well as other elected representatives, even though I may or may not agree with them, I try to believe that they know what they’re doing…after all, they’re more educated and experienced than I, however questionably said education may have been obtained. The war, as far as I’m concerned, it’s just finishing up what wasn’t done 12 years ago.

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