6 more researches - G40

  • 1 - Enhanced Transports: Your Transports now field deck guns. They defend at 1 and they may be taken as casualties. Transports may now carry 2 of any land unit rather than 1 of any land unit +1 Infantry.

    2 - Improved Warships: Destroyers and Cruisers can now move 3 spaces. Destroyers may transport 1 Infantry unit. ( follows Transport rules )

    3 - Long-range Batteries: Artillery and Battleships can now fire on an adjacent territory that is currently under attack or being attacked. They may only fire once. The attack is limited to one Artillery or Battleship per friendly unit in the zone being fired upon. Artillery firing upon an adjacent territory do not support any attacking Infantry. Battleships score s hit at 4 and Artillery score a hit at 2.

    4 - Infantry Transports: Mech. Infantry units that are paired up with an Infantry allow that Infantry to move with that Mech. Inf as a single unit. If moving to attack and the Mech. Inf is destroyed, the Inf is not destroyed.

    5 - Devastating Raids: When conducting Convoy Disruptions, you may now cause the loss of double the amount of IPC’s that territory’s convoy produces.

    6 - Advanced Anti-Air: Your Anti-Air Guns may now defend against Strategic Bombing Raids.

    Please let me know what you think, if you think the names are inappropriate or the researches are too game changing or anything, whatever you wanna say, say it any input would be nice. I tried to make them add more variety to to game but i don’t want them to be overpowered.

  • Keodis, thanks for posting these good ideas.  Here is my take on them:

    Enhanced transports - way too powerful. Allowing them to be taken as casualties would see them used as hit soakers, AND they get a defense value, AND they can move 2 tanks?  Maybe just give them the defense roll @1

    improved warships - 3 movement is too powerful and complicated, but I like the destroyer carrying an infantry.  I dimly remember that from original Pacific, but I always thugh it would have made more sense if the cruiser was the one that could transport the infantry instead of the destroyer.  In the new game, destroyers are already very popular purchases.

    Long range batteries - too complicated

    Infantry transports - INTERESTNG IDEA  The idea of mechs supporting movement of artillery has been floated before but that is too powerful when the mech and artillery both attack @2.  Your idea would have the mech support movement of an infantry and they would both attack @1.  I still prefer the new official version of Enhanced Mechanized Infantry (they attack @2 when paired with a tank and can blitz on their own), but your spin on it is a good idea too.

    Devastating raids - meh.

    Advanced AA - so there would be 2 rounds of AA: 1 from AA guns and 1 from the facility itself?

  • ok so i reivised it a bit.

    #1 is now called -  Deck Guns: Your Transports now defend at 1. If a sea-zone that is under attack is left with only defending transports, all transports are destroyed instantly.

    2 - ( OK so i got a couple questions. if a cruiser engaged in sea combat during an amphibious assault, can it also bombard? <- i dont think so. Also, if it bombarded would it be able to deploy infantry during the assault? <- i dont think so either. thats the problem with having the cruiser carry the infantry. I want the cruisers to carry infantry because more people will buy them but i think that ability would go unused unless they just want the cruiser to ignore combat and just drop 1 infantry.) if i am wrong and they can drop while bombarding then i would love to have cruisers be able to carry inf. rather than destroyers. what would this be called if it just allowed cruisers to carry an infantry.

    3 - ( basically an offshore bombardment ) but i can see what you mean by it being too complicated and possible overpowered…. what would replace this? how about:            Operational Major Industrial Complexes located on your capital have no deployment limit?

    4 - i like this. this would be a thrid research chart so you can get more Mech. infantry researches and then they would be a great unit!

    5 - what about triple the amount? quadruple? or take the roll you got, and triple/quadruple it?

    6 - yes. Example: planes move into a territory, that territory contains 5 AA guns, a major IC, an airbase and a naval base. Before interception the AA guns fire on all planes, then interception ( air combat ) then the surviving bombers are assigned to the bases and the bases fire.        i just found it wierd that AA guns do noting against a SBR. if i dont use this reseasrch chart then i might make this my house rule. i dont know how big of an effect it would have… especially if i had radar lol.

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