Can Allies win even through Russian has fallen

  • Apologises in advance for the long post and details. I have been playing a tight game (1st Global game) with a mate of mine who has control of the Axis. Russia has fallen with only a handful of infantry remaining in the far east. They still control around 8 IPC. He is refusing to give up as he can’t believe that the Germans can lose despite knocking over Russia and controlling 7 of the 8 European victory cities - he thinks he can crack through 6 territories to reach Cario. My belief is that ultimately the Allies economy will win the day as Japan is on the slippery slope down. The situation is as following:

    Indicative IPC per turn taking into account lost revenue due to convoy blocks:-
    Germany : 80 to 90
    Japan : 35 and going down fast
    Italy: 3 to 5 (parked 6 subs to drain the Italians)
    UK london : 45
    UK pacific : 6 (but will be 10 and then 14 in next two turns)
    ANZACS : 19 (taken Java with a minor IC)
    China: 7 (still causing headaches with it’s lone figher)
    USA : 82


    Germany: Very strong. Knocking on the door of Stalingrad & Cacucus which are controller by a solid UK force including 8 tanks and a 2 fighters. They are having to deal with a western invasion at Normandy and Bordeaux for the past three turns. Along with helping Italy deal with UK Balkan invasion force. Fleet parked in Berlin (still have BB, 2Sub, CR, DD and TP). Still has lots of armour & aircraft but fighting on four fronts.
    Japan: Just lost it’s fleet, only have two DD and a TP in Japan. Still holding Phillip’ with a minor IC and 6 fighters. Still pressuring UK pacific on mainland asia.Will lose all the DEI in next two turns.
    Italy: No naval, 3 fighters left, 16 infantry remaining essentially holding 4 terriories.


    ANZAC: Control PNG, mainland AUS/NZ and Java with minor IC. Will be in a position to bring troops to attack Malaya in next 3 turns.
    China: hanging around still with the one figher and 8 infantry.
    UK (pacific) : After being on the ropes, managed to recover Burma and will secure two more islands to take it back to 14.
    UK (london) : Control all Africa (2 minor IC), Middle East (2 minor IC), strong fleet with total control over mediterean, tough battle with the Germans in southern Russia (just holding them off in order to buy time for Pacific control). Decent landing party in Greece and Bulgaria. Sucking Italians dry in the magic Adriatic sea convoy box.
    USA: Lost a fair bit in the last major battle i.e. 1 BB,1 CR and 1 DD in Kamikaze attacks alone if you believe that!!. Still dominate the Pacific islands and seas. I have a sea train of troops trying to get a foothold onto mainland Germany (really a matter of time).
    Russia: Failed me. Very unlucky roles thou - I scored one hit when rolling with 17 defending infantry.

    Can the Axis really win assuming normal rolling?

  • Just play it out.
    If they can make it fast, maybe, if you can slow them enough, then you will crush them.

    I see, you made severla errors in your game:
    1. No Industrial complexes on islands.

  • Well I honestly think the Axis have played a bad game. Japan shouldn’t be letting UKP AND ANZAC run wild, and yes, no IC’s on islands.

    According to the Alpha+3 rules the game is technically over, but to answer the question: The Allies can win even though Russia is gone.

  • @techroll42:

    According to the Alpha+3 rules the game is technically over, but to answer the question: The Allies can win even though Russia is gone.

    don’t think so

    the axis in europe has;
    that is 6 cities

    they need; Stalingrad (easy, he said he was “knocking on the door”) and cairo.

    the question is; if the german stack in moscow moves south, and you only build mechs /tanks behind it to follow up, will you be able to stop him from taking cairo?
    if there is no way to get enough to cairo over the next 4-6 turns. then you cant win as allies (assuming you are not strong enough to take any other city, easiest is prolly leningrad and rome.

  • '17 '16 '13 '12

    I think the Allies can win this:

    Build off huge fleet / troop concentration in sea zone 92.

    Can reinforce defence in Cairo when time comes OR can take Italy out (16 infantry is nothing scary this late in the game)

    The Allies seem to be losing the strength in skirmishes, would be more effective to stack up power, force a defence to be built in multiple locations (e.g., Italy).

    If ANZAC + UK Pacific + China can contain the Japanese, time for US to build out a pipeline of transports that brings some serious troops to Gibraltar.

    That German Navy should also be cleared off if possible, let Italy collect money before taking their capital for example, and bring those subs up there.

  • It also might be time to take… ahem… Spain.

  • '17 '16 '13 '12

    Also, tough to understand how China is at 7 if Japan is only at 35 / about to Crumble…

  • @Omega1759:

    Also, tough to understand how China is at 7 if Japan is only at 35 / about to Crumble…

    No fleet?  About to lose DEI?  Those account for up to 20 total IPC if they currently hold them all?

  • If you are playing until one side gives, I have lost while playing the Axis with Germany having conquered Russia in the same general situation you are describing.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Japan will have lost 11 IPCs from DEI in the next 2 turns (no stopping it now), and are currently on 35 (give or take). I think the biggest mistake made by the Axis was giving up on Cairo early. He held back his attack which gave me a chance to build a minor IC there (a must for the UK I think), and effectively destroying Italy as an attacking force within 8 turns. I did however commit the vast majority of the UK London resources (and all UK Pacific Navy forces) in taking Africa and the Middle East as there are plenty of IPC to grab. It also facilities easy transfer of resources to aid the UK Pacific. On the flipside Germany was able to roll Russia (probably 2-3 turns too early due to my tactical error). At this point the panic set in as I thought I had thrown away a good winning lead (not that I care that much about losing but I hate making mistakes as I feel it dishonours my adversary). Hence I decided to put the foot down on Japan and spent 65 IPC on navy and air units to knock out the Japanese fleet at the Philippines which will lead to the total capture of the DEI in the next two turns. I figure that now I have economic superiority overall, that it is just a matter of time for an Allied victory. Surely the Germans cannot last long with so many fronts opened up and two severely weakened allies. Rome and France are vulnerable should I choose to push hard.

    I also take onboard the feedback that not building a minor IC by the Japanese on the DEI islands was a mistake. He did built one in the captured Philippines but far too late to be effective. Admittedly he had one absolutely catastrophic roll when trying to take Burma with a superior force which was a real show stopper.

    Win or lose I think that AA40 Global is by far the most dynamic and interesting of all the AA editions that I have played over the past 20 years (showing my age a little).

  • As has been stated before,


    Don’t know why you’re still wanting to build on the Phillipines/DEI  :roll: :roll: :roll:

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Where is that rule officially recognized again?

  • I don’t have the rulebook with me but I might be able to find the page # when I get home.

  • @techroll42:

    As has been stated before,


    Don’t know why you’re still wanting to build on the Phillipines/DEI  :roll: :roll: :roll:

    House Rule maybe?  I don’t particularly care for no building on islands myself.

  • I guess you could HR it but the rule is there for realism…

  • 2021 '19 '18 '17 '16

    No building industrial centers on islands is page 24 of the Europe 1940 rule book.  Major ICs may only be built in original territories is a Alpha 3 rule.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Go back to SCHOOL Degrasse, nobody wants to hear what you have to say.

    Oh wait… I guess I was the one who asked… 😛

    looks around

    I bet it’s in the pacific manual too, or the original pacific Alpha.

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