• Just wanted to know.

  • Attack Japan and help london. Send troops to Russia (soviet far east) if Japan attacks russia.

  • Attack Japan, no navy to keep them in check at all unless US is in the Pacific. As the US I generally go for an island hopping campaign to weaken the Japanese and use all my airbases in the Pacific to reduce the amount of ships I need. Using the airforce in the Pacific, I produce usually enough ships in the Atlantic to help UK.

  • my first two priorities (assuming london isn’t falling)
    -be able to kill the japanese fleet if they go to queensland (ie protect australia)
    -withstand luft waffe + regia marina, so that one can take away the italian NOs in med and start landing troops in europe.

  • Japan needs to take Hawaii or Sydney to get a VC win, thats all you need to do with the US in the Pacific - stop either of those from happening, spend the rest of your resources sending the US into N.Africa, and once big enough Rome.  Italy is going to have to choose between pulling back from taking Egypt or taking the chance the combine UK/US forces take Rome as early as round 5/6

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