Global, russian penalty for attacking japan, anyone?

  • Hi everyone,

    I like the penalty of activating mongolia when japan attacks Russia but there’s no penalty the other way around. In global the japs have a very dificult time on the mainland as it is and when the Russians can decide to attack any time they like, it’s even harder for the japs. I was wondering if anyone out there has a good penalty so the Russians won’t attack japan so easily?

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    I don’t think there is any real penalty against Russia for attacking Japan. They do miss out on getting those 6 Mongolian infantry because if Russia attacks Japan, then Mongolia remains a strict neutral the rest of the game.
    If you don’t use Neutral Blocks, and Russia attacks a Mongolian territory, then Mongolia and all other strict neutrals will become Pro-Axis, which could really screw the Allies in Europe as Germany and/or Italy could grab up Spain, Sweeden, and Turkey for a lot of extra men, a few more IPCs and some pretty strategic access.
    I think in the OOB version, and maybe the first couple of Alphas, it used to be that if Russia or Japan attacked the other, then the country being attacked would get an extra 12 IPCs that round.
    I agree that there ought to be some penalty towards Russia if it attacks Japan as well. Perhaps Mongolia could decide to join Japan, feeling that Russia is getting too aggressive.

  • That is indeed a tough one to wrap around.

    I think part of the problem is that on the Pacific side of the map, Japan has no pro-axis neutrals, or “activation” rules for units in the territories of Manchuria and Korea. These territories and defenses must be essentially built up and maintained, just like they were in the actual conflict(s). In short, the current set up prevents Japan from using all her forces, without the consideration that she would leave herself open to attack.

    You could do two things: Hope for the best from the Bears in North, and if truly necessary, counter and attack when the time comes.

    Or, perhaps house rule Japanese puppet states like Manchukuo aiding in the territories defense.

    I personally don’t agree with the latter, but it is just a thought.

  • Yeah maybe that’s a good and balanced rule! Give Japan 1 infrantry per originally owned Chinese territory that starts the game under control of Japan, that is also currently still controlled by Japan. So if japan owns all 6 original chinese territorries, they get 6 infrantry. Maybe you can add in a theme like anti-communist movements aiding the japanese against the communist russian troops? This could be a cool addition and a very good way to help out Japan taking out China.

    This is also helps to keep the Russians out of the war possibly most of the time until allied victory is achieved. This does mean that if the Russians attack, the only territory they would attack would be korea otherwise they would lose their Mongolia bonus. I like that idea!

  • Haha, way to make me reconsider the idea! I can see the potential now, even puppet state control markers!

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