Alsch (Axis) vs Auswanderersland and JamesAleman (Allies) Alpha 2

  • Make that 3 strats, save 4.


    1 Inf Kwe to Sze
    4 Fig, 4 Tac Kwa to Sze

    1 Fig SZ 37 to SZ 42 (TT destroyed)

    1 Fig Kwa to SZ 35 (TT destroyed)

    1 SS SZ 37 to SZ 36
    3 Fig, 2 Tac Jap to SZ 36

    Remaining fleet SZ 37 to SZ 39, take
    2 Inf Sia to Ind;
    1 Art Sia to Cey (mt)
    2 Fig, 3 Tac SZ 37 to Ind

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10cJ.AAM

  • Cey twol
    SZ 42 cwol
    SZ 35 cwol


    Attack (1 Inf, 4 Fig, 4 Tac)
    Rolls: 1@1 4@3 4@4; Total Hits: 41@1: (5)4@3: (3, 1, 6, 5)4@4: (6, 1, 3, 6)

    Defense (1 Inf)
    Rolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 01@2: (5)

    SZ 36

    Attack (1 SS, 3 Fig, 2 Tac)
    Rolls: 1@2 3@3 2@4; Total Hits: 41@2: (3)3@3: (2, 2, 6)2@4: (1, 3)

    Defense (1 DD)
    Rolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 01@2: (6)


    Attack (2 Inf, 2 BB, 2 Fig, 3 Tac)
    Rolls: 2@1 3@3 4@4; Total Hits: 42@1: (4, 4)3@3: (1, 1, 6)4@4: (4, 6, 5, 3)

    Defense (1 Mech)
    Rolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 01@2: (3)

  • Sze twol
    SZ 36 cwol
    Ind twol, IC downgraded, damage lowered to 6, IPCs plundered


    4 Fig, 4 Tac Sze to Kwa
    2 Fig, 3 Tac Ind to SZ 39
    1 Fig SZ 42 to SZ 39
    3 Fig, 2 Tac SZ 36 to Kwa
    1 Fig SZ 35 to Kwa
    9 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Mech, 2 Arm, 1 AA gun Yun to Bur
    3 Inf Fic to Yun
    11 Inf, 7 Art, 1 AA gun Kwe to Yun
    3 Inf Kwa to Yun
    2 Inf Hon to Kwa
    1 Strat Kwa to Sukr


    3 Inf Hon
    3 Inf Fic
    3 Strat Jap


    38 + 5 NO + 3 plundered - 13 + 4 leftover = 37 IPCs

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10cJ.AAM

  • JJ,

    I can’t find my phone.  I don’t remember your phone number.  I fail at life.


    Sorry Alsch, its a busy weekend(baby showers, drywall, etc.) - I think it would be best to postpone America’s move till Monday.  Things are getting tricky with the allies regarding the multiple threats/fronts we have to consider.

    I still have not done all my hypothetical what if battles and they are at just a glance…dicey.  I want solid our favor should you attack.

    Thanks again for your patience.

  • USA turn 10:
    Production: 78

    3 subs=18
    2 bmbrs=24
    1 cv=16
    2 dd=16

    Combat Moves:
    To Cau: 2bmbr-Sui vs arm
    Rolls: 2@4; Total Hits: 22@4: (2, 3)
    Rolls: 1@3; Total Hits: 01@3: (4)

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10dA.AAM

  • Cau: Germany lost armor; USA no loss

    Noncombat Moves:
    To Sco: 8 bmbrs-Bel; 5 bmbrs-Volo
    To UK : 2 bmbrs-Wus
    To z91: dd-z101
    To z106: cv,trn-z101 loaded with aagun-Cus
    To Que: aagun-z106; mech-Cus
    To Cpr: 2 bmbrs-Cau
    To Rus: 3 ftr-Sui
    To Anh: 4ftr,2tac-Sui; arm-Cha; inf-Ksu
    To Jeh: inf-Man
    To z41: sub-z43
    To z43: sub-z20
    To z20: sub-z6
    To z35: 2 subs-z6
    To z55: bb,3ca,5cv,sub,ftr,tac-z33; 2ftr-Car; 3ftr-Wak
    To z54: trn-z26 loaded with inf,mech-Haw
    To Que: inf,mech-z54
    To z26: sub-z10
    z6: 3 subs
    z10: dd
    z101: dd,cv
    Wus: 2 bombers

    Collection: 89 (85+4saved)

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10dA.AAM

  • Forgot to move the 2 anzac ftrs with USA cv…added on this map.
    Oops, looks like I forgot to strafe the Jap guy in Sze with the 4ftr,2tac…oh well.

    China turn 10:
    Production: 19

    6 inf=18


    Combat Moves:
    To Kwe: inf-She
    To Ksi: inf-Ksu

    Noncombat Moves:
    To Anh: inf-Ksu; inf-Hop; 16inf,ftr-Cha
    To She: inf-Sui
    To Jeh: inf-Man

    Sik: inf
    Anh: 5 inf
    Collection: 20 (19+1saved)

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10eC.AAM

  • No, please do not delete this thread, we are starting anew!@!@!@#

    Babies and real life gets in the way sometimes.


  • Alsch,

    Did you want to try to use the TripleA engine?  I think I can transfer the game over, although I do not have an Alpha2 mod for the game.  AA work differently with A3 so not sure if its a good idea.


  • Hm.
    You’re right, there’s a few things that tripleA doesn’t do right in Alpha 2 rules - AA and convoy stuff are two I think of immediately.  But we can roll on the forums for AA and stuff, and fix other things manually.  That much at least is easy since tripleA lets you dive in and change things however you want in-game.  If we’re willing to do that, it’s possible.
    On a related note, I have since last posting updated my computer, and I don’t have aBattlemap on it anymore.  It’d be easy to put it back on, but the module for Alpha 2 would be tough to find.  I’m sure it’s possible, but I’d have to check around the forums to find it again.  Either option is totally viable according to me, just let me know what y’all’d prefer.

    And on a related note, since you can both see these posts, I’d like to apologize for dropping the ball so bad about this game.  I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s still not terribly cool of me to leave you guys hanging so badly.  I’m amazed how well you got back to me, hitting the ground running. 
    I won’t make excuses, but yeah, having to change your lifestyle when college requires you take a break for financial reasons makes you ignore certain things.    :lol:

    Let me know whatever you two would like to do!

  • You didn’t drop the ball, it’s still Andy’s turn lol. Glad to see this epic nail biter is going to be dusted off. I just got 1914, so my time will be divided a bit 🙂

  • Agreed, it was my fault bro.  I am glad you are back though.  It is turn 10, and I am dubious to the outcome.

    Here is the upload for TripleA, they even have a battlemapskin! lol, too nice.


  • I protest, no american bombers lol

  • Found some errors regarding US bombers and planes…or lack thereof.  Updated map, please review.  Battlemap .79f is out there for download.  Want to make everything is transferred correctly prior to play.  Also, be sure to download the battlemap skin, it is epic.


  • Troop in papau that doesn;t belong there…/sigh, let me know if you find any more errors prior to starting the forum game back up.  Since I have not done this before what is the procedure regarding the rolls/pbem?  How does the engine account for rolls?  The way I did it, one could roll and if he didn’t like the rolls he could just do another turn.

  • missing factory in Hong Kong

    factory needs four damage markers for russian factory

    missing airbase in gibraltar

    missing airbase in malta

    india factory should be minor

  • Alright, got aBattlemap back, gotta figure out triplea now…halfway there!
    I’ll be checking and triple checking all your edits once I get there.

  • It is agreed after the personal messages to stick with battlemap.  I can’t figure out how we would make a A3 mod into an A2 mod for TripleA, hell I can’t even figure out how to play TripleA with the forum period.  /sigh.

    It is round 10.  Britains move.  It is a nailbiter.  By far, one of the best games I have played.  Thanks Alsch.

    So continuing Britain with 20 IPC.

  • Britain Turn 10 IPC20

    Production 5inf, 1art save 1 IPC


    To NPR: 1 fig, 2 inf CPR, 1 fig, 1 tac z80
    To IND: 3inf, 2art Wind

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10_Britcombatmove.AAM

  • Rolls

    2inf, 2fig, 1tac

    :2@1, 2@3, 1@4:



    3inf, 2art

    :1@1, 4@2:



  • lets try that again.

    Attack 2inf 2fig, 1tac
    Rolls: 2@1 2@3 1@4; Total Hits: 12@1: (2, 3)2@3: (4, 6)1@4: (1)

    Defense 1inf
    Rolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 11@2: (2)

    Attack 3inf, 2art
    Rolls: 1@1 4@2; Total Hits: 21@1: (1)4@2: (6, 6, 6, 2)

    Defense 2inf
    Rolls: 2@2; Total Hits: 12@2: (4, 2)

  • Casualities
    1inf Npr
    1inf Ind

    Noncombat move

    To Bry: 4mec Bel, 1mec Nov, 1fig Rus, 1fig CPR(inNPR)
    To Kaz: 2tnk Vol, 1mec Rus
    To Sco: 6inf, 4art Eng
    To z83: 1carrier, 1dest, 1fig z85, 1fig Brg
    To Rho: 1inf 1art Saf
    To Saf: 1inf Swf
    To z72: 1bat, 1carrier, 2cruis, 3dest, 4trans z80 no planes
    To Cpr: 1fig, 1tac NPR, 1tnk Wind
    To Epr: 1AA, 4art, 2inf Wind
    To z55: 1cruiser z33
    To Anh: 1tnk Man

    To Eng: 2inf
    To Cpr: 3inf
    To Saf: 1art

    Collect 28IPC - 8IPCconvoy + 1save = 21 IPC
    adjusted on map

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10fBritainnoncombat.AAM

  • India collects 5IPC - 3IPC convoy = 2IPC collect

    adjusted on the map accordingly

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10fBrit_ind.AAM


    Production 23IPC

    1 naval base, 1 trans
    15+7 = 22 + 1saved

    no combat moves

    Non combat moves
    To Z33 Anzac trans: 1inf, 1art Car
    To z62 anzac 2trans: 1art, 1AA, 2inf
    To Z55: 1trans (loaded 1inf,1art), 1 carrier, 2 destroyers z33; 2trans(loaded 1art, 1AA, 2inf)
    To Nte: 3Inf, 2art, 1AA 3trans z55; 1inf Que; 1inf Sau
    To Que: 1inf Nsw
    To z72: 2fig Cpr onto Brit carrier

    To Nte: 1 naval base
    To z54: 1trans

    Collection 23 + 1saved = 24IPC
    map adjusted

    Auswander&James vs Alsch 10gAnzac.AAM

  • Italy 10

    47 IPCs

    9 Inf (27)
    5 Art (20)

    save 0

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