• OK I have thought about this plan some more and here are a couple of tweaks.  I’m not saying its a perfect or foolproof plan, but its something different that might work against opponents who are expecting something else.  It would also be good if you want a short game.  If all goes according to plan (!) it might all be over by round 7 or 8.  Hopefully not because you lose, but after all this is a fast payoff/high risk blitz.  If it works it will be impressive.

    round 1:
    Germany takes France with 2 artillery, 7 infantry, ALL planes.  Take Yugo with 4 mech, 6 armor. Activate Bulgaria and Finland; Ferry 2 infantry from Norway to Denmark. Build major IC in HUNGARY.  Poland and Hungary each get 1AA, 3 artillery, 12 infantry.  Collect $68
    Japan takes 4 chinese territories and assembles other ground forces in Anhwe and Jehol. Put entire navy with loaded transports next to Kwangsi to look like India crush.  Build 2 bombers, collect $40.
    Italy builds infantry.  Suicide attack UK ships.  North African troops attack until exhausted to try and kill off as many UK units as they can.

    round 2:
    Everything from Yugo, Poland and Hungary goes into East Poland.  Ferry 2 infantry from Norway; 5 Bulgarians go to yugo. Build 17 mech in Germany and Hungary, collect $45.
    Japan takes Suiyuyan and builds airbase in Chahar.  All planes go to Chahar, except 1 fig, 1 tac that goes with fleet to z41 (but still no attack on allies).  Ground forces in China start pushing West.

    round 3:
    All from East Poland and Hungary go to either North Ukraine or Belarus.  All planes and 7 mechs from Germany go to East Poland.  Ferry 2 infantry from Norway. 5 Bulgarians go to South Germany.  Build 8 mech, 2 armor in Hungary. Collect $46 +1 saved.
    Japanese SBR Moscow and land with Germans in North Ukraine or Belarus.  Build SECOND airbase in Suiyuyan and move all fighters/tacticals to Suiyuyan. Fleet goes to z75.  Build infantry.
    Italy puts forces in South Germany to counterattack UK forces in West Germany or reinforce Berlin depending

    round 4:
    Take Bryansk. 5 Bulgarians go to Germany.  Ferry 2 more infantry from Norway if transport still alive.  Build infantry or artillery in Germany and mechs or artillery in Hungary depending.  
    Japan suicide attacks moscow with all 25 planes. fleet goes to z76.

    round 5:
    Exterminate Communism.
    Japan attacks Cairo.  Hopefully they have been building ground forces and transports in UK and there isn’t much in Cairo

    round 6:
    rebuild with Soviet plunder.  10 infantry in Berlin; mechs in Hungary to take Novgorod and Stalingrad asap.

    rounds 7 and 8:
    Stalingrad, Leningrad, Cairo.

    hey you never know.

  • @knp7765:

    as long as Germany holds on to Denmark, UK can’t hurt them too bad. They could take Norway or perhaps even Holland/Belgium, but nothing catastrophic and certainly nothing that would affect Germany’s Barbarossa plans.
    Of course, UK could sail their navy down to the Med and really give Italy a hard time but if Italy turtles up a bit and protects N Italy and S Italy, that should be golden for Germany as they can concentrate even more on Russia.

    yes i think so too.

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