Humble and gracious USAns! What in the Hell is happening?

  • Lance Armstrong is over in Europe setting a bad example! I demand a recall … or rerace … or sumpin!!!

    SOURCE :

    How dare he go to France and speak French without fries and catsup! Grumble :evil: , grumble :evil: , grumble :evil: . What is the world coming to?!?

    Those mean ole Frenchies better stop pushing him down the CdE!!

  • I used to admire the guy, until I found out he’s such an ass to his wife…

  • He’s only making his family rich.

    Damn what a a$$hole.

    Doesn’t his wife realize where the money is comming from??

    Watch him quit doing the biking thing and the money go away, then we see how long she will stay!!

  • After reading the article i wondered how any USies ever have traveled abroad or even overseas.
    All those that were in France seemed to have seen something else than expected. Who or what might have made them expect the “wrong” thing?
    How many will keep their prejudices as they do not/ can not/ can’t afford to travel?

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