• After reading Clydes85 Risk style axis and allies rules, I saw it was not finished, So I got Inspired to finish it and change a few things:


    Objective:  If playing on Europe board: If you control 12 VCs for one whole turn.
    Pacific Board: if own 7 VCs for one round.
    Global: if own 17 VCs for one round.
    OR kill every Nation.

    choose a VC as your capital. Then place 5 Infantry, 3 Mech. Infantry, 2 Artillery, 1 Tank, 1 Fighter, 1 Tac. Bomber, 1 AA gun, 1 Major Complex, Air base, and a Navy Base (if not a coastal territory then get +1 AA Gun).

    If your VC is in Phillipines, United Kingdom, New south whales, Japan, or Sweden place 1 transport in a sea zone next to it, but remove 2 Infantry.

    NEW VCs:
    Sweden, Brazil, Spain, and Turkey now have VCs in them.

    Every nation starts with 10 IPCs, then in round 2 every nation collects it’s income.

    You can make temporary alliances, but you can not move units into the same space.

    What board to use:
    If you have 4 or less players then play on one board. If 5 or more play with global board

    If your capital is captured, the player who captured it gets all of the IPCs that the player had.
    Then the next round the player can collect it’s income.

    Puppet states:
    When a capital is captured, the player who captured it rolls a dice. On 3 or less the player can install a puppet state. Roll a dice for each territory that the player who got his capital captured. On a 2 or less the territory is given to the player that captured the capital. The Units in that are in it become his too. Same with sea zones.
    This rule can be optional.


    Empire Bonuses on global board:

    Mediterranean Empire: +9 IPCs if own all of these territories: N. Italy, S. Italy, S. France, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Syria and Algeria.

    European Empire: + 12 IPCs if own all of these territories: Spain, Normandy, S. France, France, Holland/Belgium, Western Germany, Greater southern Germany, Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Albania, and Hungary/slovakia.

    New Mongol Empire: +17 IPCs if own all of Chinese territories, Mongolia Territories, Korea, and Persian Territories.

    American Empire: + 7 IPCs if own W. US, Central US, Eastern US, N. Mexico, Mexico, venezuela, Peru, and Ontario.

    New Persia: + 8 IPCs if own Greece, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Persian territories, Caucasus, and Egypt.

    For Europe board:

    Baltica: + 5 IPCs if own Sweden, norway, Finland, vyborg, Baltic states, Denmark, and Poland.

    Europa: +9 IPCs if own Normandy, France, s. France, Germany, w. Germany, holland, Denmark, Poland , Switzerland, and greater s. Germany.

    South American federation: + 7 IPCs if own south American territories, Mexico and north Mexico.

    Arab nation: + 12 IPCs if own morocco, Algeria, libya, Tobruk, Alexandria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

    Pacific board:

    China: + 12 IPCs if own all Chinese territories.

    Russia: +7 IPCs if own all Russian territories.

    Indonesian empire: +8 IPCs if own Malay,  Sumatra, celebs, boreo, Java, and Siam.

    Pacifica: + 10 IPCs if own Guam, Hawaii, Okinawa, Carolina islands, phillipines, wake and midway.

    VC Bonuses:

    +5 IPCs if own 5 VCs

    • 8 IPCs if own 7 VCs
      +12 IPCs if own 12 VCs

    Convoys: every convoy on the board is worth 1 IPC. To capture you must have units go into the sea zone.  Place a marker to show you own it.

    The combat system and turn order is the same as axis and allies.

    To know who goes first, roll a dice, who ever gets the highest goes first, then go clockwise.

    Minor ICs can be built in territories that are worth 2 or less.
    Major ICs can be built in place that are worth 3 or more.

    What do you think? If you try this please reply and tell us how the game was.

  • Customizer

    This looks like an interesting new way to play.  A couple of questions:
    1 - Capturing Capitals: If a player’s capital is captured, are they still in the game? If so, do they still collect income for any other territories they still own? If so, I assume they can still build units. If their capital had their only IC, do they have to build another on one of their own territories in order to still build units? What if all their territories are only worth 1?

    2 - Starting Setup: So all other territories that ARE NOT chosen as capitals by the players are simply not occupied and each player has to go out and start grabbing them up, right? Do you have to wait until all territories are controlled by someone before attacking another player? Or can you attack each other right from the get-go?

  • 1. You can build ICs in territories containing only 1 IPC. So you can keep building units.
    2. You can Attack other players before all other territories are owned.

  • ok……53 view huh? If you view this please reply. If you TRIED this game, then PLEASE REPLY.

  • Customizer

    Thanks for the answers. I’m going to try this game out later today.

    By the way, you shouldn’t be so impatient wanting replys. People will reply if they feel it’s a subject they are really interested in. If you keep demanding replys, it might even scare away some. If you look at the list of different threads, you will see that the ratio of views vs. replys is very large. Heck, I will take a look at a lot of threads without leaving a reply. Sometimes you just want to look around some.

  • ok……Maybe a lot of those people who look and dont reply are guest, which they can not reply.

    Anyways, When your done playing tell how it went and if it needs tweaking.

  • Ok, This coming Sunday me and some friends are trying it out!
    I will tell you how it goes!  😄

  • On sunday we are playing this.
    We already chose colors and capitals:
    Me: Italian Pieces, Turkey (Istanbul)
    UK pieces, UK (London)
    US or French pieces, Ontario (Canada)
    Russian pieces, Rome or Berlin (Italy or Germany)

    I looked at the board and planned my strategy already.
    Me and Canadian player are going to form a alliance, and we made are plans for war.

  • so you start with one piece of land and move out from there ?

    Ever thought of doing it more true risk style and picking territories placing one infantry in each of them ?

    Every player starts with some amount of money (say 30 IPCs)
    After all the territories have been picked then each player puts out 30 IPCs worth of units on his land (one unit per player per turn untill everyone is finished setting up)

    I think im gonna try this sometime sounds fun

  • Ok here is how the game went……
    Round 1
    Everyone takes territories

    Round 2 I (turkey) meets Germany in the balkans and form a alliance.

    Round 3
    Germany destroys Uk’s navy and surrounds UK.

    Round 4
    UK only getting 8 IPCs a turn, because its cut off and only owns 2 Territories.
    US Income (guy changed his mind and decided to be US, not canada) 40- 50
    Germany 50 ish
    Turkey 40- 45
    UK 8
    Round 5
    US land in portugul

    Round 6
    Uk player bored and quits.

    Round 7
    German-turkish alliance is wining

    Round 8
    Game over…

  • Hay, does anyone want to play this by forum? we need at least 3 players.
    We can use the Europe map.

  • Ok a few changes:

    East USA value to 10
    Forgot to type Hawaii on the -2 INf and +1 Transport

    Anything else?

  • @empireman:

    Ok a few changes:

    East USA value to 10
    Forgot to type Hawaii on the -2 INf and +1 Transport

    Anything else?

    Silly to change E US by 50% and leave C US and W US the same

  • @Uncrustable:


    Ok a few changes:

    East USA value to 10
    Forgot to type Hawaii on the -2 INf and +1 Transport

    Anything else?

    W. and C. us are 10 right? then it equal.

    Silly to change E US by 50% and leave C US and W US the same

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