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    I’m sure most of you know PanzerPainter and his great work. Just to fill you in that PP has had some bad luck and some health issues in his family. The guys over on the Underground wanted to do something to help a friend so we organized a silent auction for his benefit. Members have donated gaming items for auction in a special section we have set-up. Dano and Locozugmeister, two outstanding members have organized this auction. I will post the link to the auction below. You do not need to join the forum to get involved, you can contact Dano directly through his email address posted in the benefit section. Anyways have a look and place a bid if there’s anything you like, it will be going on for a couple of weeks. There’s going to be tons of hand painted mini’s like the Sherman commander and Zis rocket truck that are up now. There is a 3 pce tank decal set up along with a set of baron maps also. I understand that there will be a gently used “Tides of Iron” game coming up shortly along with some 3d terrain for use on 3 inch hex maps.

    Field Marshall Ober

  • I want to hank everyone who contributed. It really helped at a critical time. The pieces, and effort, was awesome!

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    I’m glad to hear it was a success!

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    I’m glad to hear it was a success!

    is this the real Gargantua? or his brother

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    Well in all honesty,

    You guys wouldn’t be able to handle ANY kind of humor on this matter as a whole (Despite the fact science says that’s the way to handle it!)

    A good personal friend of mine is about to die of cancer  (She’s counting days now, not weeks)  And she likes hanging out with me the most because I give her grief about being a weak link, and tell her how she’s got to step up / suck it up, VS just sitting around and feeling sorry for her.

    Plus Panzer Painter is cool, and I give a damn!  It was endearing to see everyone step up to the plate.

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