• Do I do KGF or KJF as a newbie going up against a decent axis player?

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    Most people do KGF for a reason.  That being said, if you can surprise somebody with a KJF who is not familiar with it then you could have success.  I think KJF is harder to win with is my personal opinion.  You have to be a good axis player to face a British-US 1-2 attack threat, its easy to miss things with so much navy and air power around.  The idea with the allies is to threaten as much as you can, even if you don’t do expensive attacks, the fact you could forces germany to defend against them.

  • @Guru03:

    Do I do KGF or KJF as a newbie going up against a decent axis player?

    If Axis player is decent, KGF is the way to go.

    Someone that can be “surprised” with an unfamiliar KJF isn’t a decent Axis player.

  • Oh yeah, you’re a newbie.  So how about one of Bunnies’ homemade text walls so you get my reasoning why KGF is the way to go for newbie vs decent Axis player.

    Going KJF is a huge pain in the butt.  UK can’t contribute - if they try to put a factory in India, Japan can easily claim it; South Africa and Australia are too far from the action (i.e. Moscow) to be able to be used flexibly.  So you have US going solo against Japan’s gigantic starting navy and air force.  While US is building, though, Japan can also build - Japan just puts out a few cheap ground units to pressure territory in Asia, and builds navy and/or air to maintain superiority over US.  So US screws around while Germany and Japan both pressure Moscow.

    Going KGF solves a lotta problems for Allies.  US can help in Africa.  US can help in Atlantic.  This is usually key if the Axis built German air and/or Jap air went to Europe; the combined UK and US fleets can take a lot of damage.  A really decent Jap player will push Jap air in Europe, so be prepared to do some light Pacific movements while you do KGF.

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