• In all the games I’ve played over the years Russia has never taken Berlin. Russia is always on the defensive and rarely gets to show it’s true might, hence this rule proposal.

    Minor IC in Yenisey
    Build 1 tank per round (no IPC costs) until Germany declares war then build 2 tanks per round. These units can’t move until Germany declares war and the can only move west (one way train) so the Russian Inf on the Eastern border are on their own. It will still take you 2-4 turns to get these units into the fight “encouraging” Germany to end the fight early. The hope is that this make the Russian campaign more realistic to what actually happened in WW2.

  • How bout this (rather than weird movement restrictions and free units):
    USSR just gets the ic?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    The balance is precariously tight as it is… and now you want to give the Russians free tanks everyturn!?!?!

    Crazy…  I’m with Techroll42 on this.

  • Someone agrees with me?!?!?!  😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

    But I got to admit, it is pretty much a balance changer. And so what if those tanks move only west? If there’s Barbarossa (IMHO the better move), they’ll get to the front just in time to hit Germany when they are a couple turns from Moscow. Imagine the Russian infantry with tank support strafing the German stack…deadly.

  • Customizer

    I’m not a fan of giving Russia free tanks either. Also, I have seen Russia take Berlin. Granted, it doesn’t often happen, but it can. Sometimes Germany may be a little overconfident in a certain battle and end up losing it or winning but losing more units than planned for, thus leaving part of the eastern front weaker. This could lead to a Russian offensive that turns the tide on the Eastern Front.
    Perhaps by the time Germany gets to Moscow, they have lost too many units and the Russian defenses are just too strong. Germany will have a hard time really buffing up their strength out there while also having to spend IPCs on stuff to fend off the Brits and Americans. Russia could then make small attacks, punching holes in the German line without weakening their Moscow defense too severely.
    My point is, sometimes Russia gets to go on the offensive.  I’ve seen it happen. However, at first Russia has to be defensive, it’s just the nature of the game. It’s how well you handle that defense that will determine what can happen later in the game. Also, your Western Allies have to do something in the West to take some of the heat off of Russia. After all, if all Germany has to worry about is Russia, then Russia will be doomed.

  • You guys are a bunch of kill joys. If I got 2 tanks a turn in Russia I would take Berlin everytime. And I can pretty much say that and it doesn’t matter what verson of the game I’m playing. From Classic all the way to '41. And in Global where games gets to turn 15 or 25 that’s between 30 and 50 free tanks. I don’t see the problem at all here.  :lol:

  • How about the tanks cost half price? just a thought

  • Reduce the IPC value of Timguska from 1IPC to 0 and increase the value of Yakuts to 2IPC, allow the Soviets 12IPCs for free on the turn Japan attacks.(like the old rule). This is a better balance as it is still up to the individual player as to what they want to do, but you would hope any player with common sense would use the 12IPCs to build a minor IC in yakuts

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