Mid-Atlantic gap in Global 1940

  • Here is a simple rule for Global 1940 (assuming alpha 3.9) that might increase action in the Atlantic:

    National Objective for UK Europe:
    Lose 2 IPCs for each axis submarine in z107.
    Theme: Mid-Atlantic gap.

    z107 represents the area of the North Atlantic where the allies could not do antisubmarine operations by air from Iceland or UK. Planes can hit z107 and land in Canada, but it takes them 2 turns to fly back to Iceland and then on to UK. A rule like this would create economic hardship for UK by making them either lose IPCs, tie up a plane or 2 in Canada, or build a Canadian airbase or a carrier. Even with the planes they will have to keep building destroyers to keep clearing z107 and without air cover those destroyers just get sunk by new subs in a tit-for-tat battle of the Atlantic, much like the early part of the war.

    The reason it is 2IPCs per sub is because that is the average damage that a sub can do in a convoy raid. Putting them in z107 makes them cause the same damage as they could do in z106 or z109. The difference is that UK has to work much harder to sink them and that would make sub warfare a decent strategy for the axis, perhaps with subs built in Southern France coming out from behind the safety of axis controlled Gibraltar.

  • I like this! Perhaps $1 for 102,3,8 as well?

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