Axis and Allies DARKSIDE - Morality Scale and War Crimes Trial.

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    Axis and Allies DARKSIDE ruleset, is coming with a MORALITY Scale, and at the completion of the game, there is a WAR CRIMES TRIAL, which determines the following.

    A. The Grade, calibre, and moral standard of which that you played your game. That you can brag about later, (Or people can hold against you)
    B. If you won the game with a Morality score of better than 70, it can also be considered a MORAL victory,

    IT IS UP TO YOUR OPPONENT TO MONITOR YOUR MORALITY SCALE.  If he FAILS to catch you committing a war crime, or record you, YOU GOT AWAY WITH IT! 😄  Record it publically, and on paper, infront of everyone at the table.

    The morality scale is a sliding scale, you start with 100 points.  If you reach 0, you have been assassinated by your own people for your absolutely horriffic regime, and lose the game.

    +1 for using a true neutral to swap POW’s
    -1 for using chemical or biological BOMBS
    -1 for each turn you used any amount of slave/forced labour
    -1 for purchasing minefield pieces
    -1 for collecting trophies from your dead enemies
    -1 for pilliaging/looting a territory (rules to be confirmed still)
    -2 Executing POW’s (per piece) and -3 if you executed them for immoral scienctific practices
    -2 for bombing civilians
    -3 for bombing or killing your OWN POW’s
    -5 for declaring war on someone (YES you read that correctly)
    -5 for collecting a historical war crime bonus (rape of nanking, malmedy massacre, etc)

    Thought’s?  Additions?

  • Should you change it to making an unprovoked declaration of war? I think it’s kind of odd that the United States would lose morality for declaring war on Japan after Pearl Harbor.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    If Japan has declared war on the US, then the US is already at war with them.  The US isn’t going to lose any points.

    However, if the US declares war on Germany, OR Japan, then they are clearly the agressor, -5.

  • But they aren’t really the aggressor, they’re joining to help defend their allies.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Well I guess if that’s what happens, then the US better hold itself to a very high standard for the rest of the game. 🙂

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    -1 for withholding Red Cross humanitarian chocolate from POWs.

    Another -1 for giving the stolen chocolate to your own troops.

  • Genocide:
    -10 for killing the last remaining unit of any power, including POWs.

    Conspiracy with the enemy (e.g. Germany and USSR standing by their nonaggression pact despite a phony declaration of war):
    Germany gets -3 for every turn after round 4 that Germany has not attacked any Soviet controlled territory or naval unit and has not placed any warships in z125.
    USSR gets -3 for every turn after round 4 that USSR has not attacked any German controlled territory or naval unit and has not placed any warships in any German convoy raid zones.

    Anytime you capture an enemy’s capitol and seize their national treasure (gold, money, works of art, secret files, execution of intellectuals, etc.) you incur -5 war crimes points.

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