Vichy VS the Free French.

  • I honestly got fed up of having a completely useless power on the board after a couple rounds. Although France did prove useful in one of my games (see my post here

    Here is my Idea for a rule:

    Whenever the last territory on mainland France is conquered by an Axis power the Vichy regime is installed.
    Roll a dice for every European-board French territory.
    on 1-4 the territory becomes Vichy France, place a german marker upon it as well as a German infantry.
    on 5-6 the territory becomes Free France, place a French (free French if you own them) marker on it.
    The number of territory that can join either side is caped at 5 out 7, exlcuding French guinea.
    If French Guinea becomes Vichy, place a German marker on it but no infantry.
    French Indo China never becomes Vichy.

    Free France now behaves likes China.
    They can build only land units (of any type), and transports.

  • I understand you’re point of you but as I like to be historical.
    My Vichy rules is: When France falls, All french territory become Vichy ( except Congo = Belgium)
    But UK- Free French player may influence some Vichy territory to join free french.
    1 attemp pert turn. cost 2$.
    You must have 2 or less. If you win, Vichy territory and unit become FFL and can be use in combat.

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