AXIS and ALLIES - DARKSIDE Rules Package

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    AXIS and ALLIES DARKSIDE, is a set of rules, for those who are DARING enough, to do whatever it takes to win. If you’re the kind of person, where the end justifies the means, then this is the ruleset for YOU.

    To play Axis and Allies DARKSIDE is simple. Play any strategic level Axis and Allies game as you would normally, but then incorporate any of the following… 🙂

    This is still in development, I’ll be added to the ruleset as I go along.



    The first thing you need to do to play with any DARKSIDE rules, is take a piece of paper, write each countries name on it, with enough space for 100 hashmarks. Place this paper in public view of the board, and have a pen readily available to write on it.

    Similar to the income chart, this paper becomes the “War Morality chart”. At the end of the game, there WILL BE a war crimes trial, and you will all be judged based on your score on the chart. Each country starts at 100, that is, they have been perfect moral so far. As the war progresses, War Morality becomes a sliding scale.

    If your morality points reach 0 you have been assassinated by your own people for your absolutely horriffic regime, and lose the game.

    IT IS UP TO YOUR OPPONENT TO MONITOR YOUR MORALITY chart. If they FAIL to catch you committing a war crime, or record you, YOU GOT AWAY WITH IT!

    Overall the chart will provide you with two pieces of information.

    A. The Grade, calibre, and moral standard of which that you played your game. That you can brag about later, (Or people can hold against you)
    B. If you won the game with a Morality score of better than 70, you can also be considered to have had a MORAL victory 🙂

    Scoring on the chart is as follows:

    +1 for using a true neutral to swap POW’s
    -1 for using chemical or biological BOMBS
    -1 for each turn you used any amount of slave/forced labour
    -1 for purchasing minefield pieces
    -1 for collecting trophies from your dead enemies
    -1 for pilliaging/looting a territory (rules to be confirmed still)
    -2 Executing POW’s (per piece) and -3 if you executed them for immoral scienctific practices
    -2 for bombing civilians
    -3 for bombing or killing your OWN POW’s
    -5 for declaring war on someone (YES you read that correctly)
    -5 for collecting a historical war crime bonus (rape of nanking, malmedy massacre, etc)

    ISSUES OF MORALITY, Your Options:

    Chemical Weapons:  Use a unit that looks like a canister, or rocket, it moves and acts similar to an AA gun.  Before an attack, or on a defense, you can “choose” to use it.  It rolls preemptively against up to 5 infantry.

    It costs 6 IPC’s, moves 1, rolls at 3 or less for a kill.  It cannot be taken as a hit, and will be captured by the enemy .

    One catch…  roll your dice during the attack.  for each 1 you roll, you have botched, and one of your OWN ground units dies whislt trying to deploy the Gas against your enemy.

    UPDATED Feb 29th 2012



    So I’ve revived some old topics of mine… it’s time to put together a house rules PACKAGE of some… heh, rules that provide questionable activity!

    After all, it’s WAR. People DIE, and you’ve go to do what it takes to win. How far are you willing to go?

    So far we have some great concepts for:
    POW’S (Using them as slaves, and thier Execution)
    Bombing Civilians
    Trophy collecting
    A morality point scale
    Using capital ships to RAM other vessels, in a desperate final effort!

    We should also consider rules for some of these items,

  • ooops sorry.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Imperious leader has deemed that any holocaust/ethnic cleansing related material will be BANNED from the website.

    In order to AVOID getting this thread locked, we’ll have to discuss that kind of material ‘privately’ if at all 🙂  It must remaing out of any public scrutiny, and it will be an optional -final- solution, to the finished package, by personal request from a private member who has them, for those DARK enough to include that in their ruleset.

    -Rape of nanking Bonus, Or (if prevented) counter chinese bonus,  Can be discussed.
    -Military/Political Purges and colonial enslavement are acceptable avenues of discussion.
    -Biological weapons (Blankets with Small Pox anyone?) is also open to debate.

    The premise of this ruleset, is that you get to find out how far you’re willing to go in order to win, depending on how desperate you have become for victory. 🙂

    And of course, it’s about having FUN. Â

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    As for the whole mass rape thing… unless your game exceeds 100 turns, I don’t see how we can incorporate it as a seperate house rule.

    I think if we simplify it, and include per the rules we develop under LOOTING, the same effect will be gained. 🙂

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    OH! And we need a POST GAME House Rule, called


    You might lose the game, but if you win at the trial… that’s worth something? 😄

  • Nuremburg trial - at the end of the game each side presents evidence of the other side’s war crimes (you keep track during the game with war crimes points).  If the winner did a lot of terrible things during the war, then the losing side can always say “yeah well you won but you kind of cheated by doing all those war crimes.”.  If you can play a clean game and still win you deserve extra respect.  If you played a dirty game and still lost then you suck.

    Here is another one:
    Cities under seige
    If all of the land territories and sea zones surrounding a territory containing an industrial complex are occupied by the enemy, that IC is under seige.  Major ICs under seige may mobilize only 3 units, minus any damage points incurred by strategic bombing.  Minor ICs under seige can not mobilize any units.  A seige may be ended by a “breakout”, in which at least one of the surounding territories is taken, or one of the sea zones is cleared of enemy units, during the combat movement phase.  If a breakout has occurred, the IC may mobilize its normal number of units (minus any damage points) during the mobilize units phase of the turn on which the seige was broken.  Damaged ICs under seige may be repaired during the purchase and repair phase at the cost of 2IPCs per damage point.

    Much more accurate representation of what happened in Leningrad, and no more turtle defence of Moscow.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I like where this is going Vance.

    Great concept, will mix well with my rules for encirclement…  I’ll put all this together in a larger consolidated package tomorrow.

  • Customizer

    So you would include Capitals, like Moscow or London, in this rule?  I kind of thought Capitals would be immune to siege or encirclement since that’s pretty much the main focus to capture an enemy’s capital and knock them out of the war.

    In the case of London, say Germany managed to build up a big navy or maybe some Italian navy came up to help them and they have ships in all 4 seazones around the British Isles (sea zones 109, 110, 111 and 119). Would that be enough to say London was under siege? Or would you have to occupy Scotland as well?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Scotland would have to be occupied.

    And you would have to NOT be able to break some point of the seige.  Like that’s ever going to happen.

    Japan might a problem too…  2x subs could siege it. Hmm…  We’ll consider it for review!

  • I don;t like special rules but maybe Tokyo could be considered under seige if z6, Korea, Okinawa and Iwojima are all allies controlled.

  • Submarines alone should definitely not be allowed to siege.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Updated some of the rules, per today.

    I’m going to have to color code it or something, to make it read easier.

  • Hey captainhook.
    Take a look in your PM.
    Waiting for ya…


  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    “So when a side loses enough “morality points”, the neutrals turn against them?”

    A concept dropped in another post… thoughts?

  • So if a power on one side, let’s say AMERICA, has committed a ton of war crimes and their morality score gets down to say 50(?), then all the neutrals become pro-axis.  Very realistic.

    Now what if you could buy off a neutral with “foreign aid” and prevent them from going pro-other side?  Suppose the “Hearts & Minds” thing were changed so that you get a +1 morality point AND prevent a neutral from going pro-other side by coughing up the number of IPCs their territory is worth.  For example, if Germany is <50 morality points and all the neutrals are going pro-allies, then they can pay Spain $2 to stay strict neutral for another turn.  You do this every turn at Purchase Units.  Once a strict neutral goes pro-other side they can never go back to strict neutral.

    So having a bad reputation means the other side gets lots of potential income from the neutrals (and their units) and you have to spend a bunch of money every turn on forein aid to Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc to appease them. The good news is everytime you buy them off you get to brag up your generosity in propaganda that earns you +1 morality point.  Now that’s realistic.

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