• I’m pretty sure on this one, but others are not convinced.

    When does subs submerge?
    In my opinion they can submerge after that round of combat the last enemy destroyer was sunk.
    The others (no names  :-D) think, the subs may only submerge after the following round the last destroyer was sunk.

    Who is right?

  • Official Q&A

    They may submerge whenever there are no opposing destroyers on the battle board, including at the end of the round in which the last such destroyer was sunk.

  • ok me and my friend are not sure so i explain the situation.he attack my only 1 sub whit a battleship is battleship hit on a 5 since he got japan most powerfull battelship national advantage he roll a 6 the i roll a 2 so his battleship is on the side.where the rule book is not clear is since he attack me do he have to decide to retreat or stay in the battle before i decide to submerge my sub.this was important for me because if he retreat my sub would have sail all away to south africa whit 1 move ahead of is battleship.so since nobody was sure i did submerge the sub and got kill next round.

  • Official Q&A

    The attacker decides whether to retreat/submerge before the defender decides whether to submerge, so your friend could retreat before you could submerge.

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