LOL, I'll bet this guy is switching to LINUX…!!!

  • Little bit old news, but still funny all the same. :lol:


    ISSAQUAH, Washington – A man was coaxed out of his home by police
    after he pulled a gun and shot his personal computer, apparently in
    frustration. “We don’t know if it wouldn’t boot up or what,” Sgt. Keith Moon
    said Thursday. The computer, in a home office on the second floor of the
    townhouse, had four bullet holes in the hard drive and one in the monitor.
    One bullet struck a filing cabinet, while another made it through a
    wall and into a neighboring unit. No one was hurt. Police evacuated the
    complex, contacted the 43-year-old man by telephone and got him to come
    out. He was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

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