Great Mediterranean War 1941

  • Who would have won in this conflict?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Italy and France is possibly the WORST combination of allies, I could ever imagine.

  • This isn’t hard:

    1. Italy and France were dysfunctional with a solid ally (Germany and UK, respectively).
    2. UK was the dominant power in the Mediterranean. It could be said they would have won if all other powers attacked them. They would have at least held their own.

  • Yeah, im having trouble seeing this conflict happening in a WW1 time period, let alone a WW2! Britian hands down with any of the other 3 mentioned as an ally would win. It wouldnt be a cake walk as the Combined French/Italian fleet would be very formidable (and the Turkish fleet was very minimal) but in the end Britian, im assuming getting to concentrate its efforts being unmolested by Germany,  would win out in the end.

  • Greece would join France to fight the Turks.

  • @ABWorsham:

    Greece would join France to fight the Turks.

    Is that really an advantage or a liability?

  • UK could crush all of those 3 together! 😄
    But……USA,Germany, and Russia together could take over the world like pie. 😮  :mrgreen:

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    I saw this and liked it.
    UK and France at war again. My favourite dreams involve a revival of this great and lengthy history of animosity.
    So, UK beats France and Italy the 1st time the navies meet. Italy recognises it is liable to lose its beautiful newly built Vittorio Veneto class of Battleship, so signs an armistice with the UK and, wait for it, changes sides. (We are good at that.)
    We are given control of Southern France when all is done and the UK gets Northern France(again).
    Hitler sees he really only has one enemy and turns on Stalin after nobody stood up for Poland.
    Can’t see how I fit Turkey into this alternate history. Oh well!

  • This poll was a reach one my part, my favorite poll I have created was the North Africa poll.

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    Not sure if I saw that one. Will look tomorrow. Tell me how far to look back.

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