• UK moved its BB to SZ35.  Japan DOW on UK only and attacks SZ35 - US fleet does not defend, nor can it scramble?  Can US withdraw its ships on its turn?

    UK moved its BB to SZ35.  Japan DOW on UK and US (intention to take Philippines).  Do both UK/US now defend together?

    UK moved its BB to SZ35.  Japan DOW on US only - UK BB does not defend in this situation?  Can it withdraw on UK’s turn?

    Anzac moved its ship from SZ63 to SZ26 (Hawaii).  Japan DOW on UK and USA and attacks SZ26.  Does Anzac ship defend?

    Anzac flys Ftr to Celebes, but does not occupy it.  Japan attacks Celebes.  Does Anzac Ftr Defend?

  • 1. Not sure about this one. The U.S. political situation allows them to declare war if UK is attacked by Japan, but I’m not sure if they can do this immediately or if they have to wait until their turn.

    2. They would both defend together, yes.

    3. The UK battleship would not defend as you have not declared war on UK. It would be able to withdraw on UK’s next turn.

    4. ANZAC ships would defend because any declaration of war between Japan and UK automatically brings in ANZAC.

    5. You would have to declare war on ANZAC to do this. You’re not allowed to place units in land territories occupied by a power you’re not at war with. You also must be at war with UK, and by extension ANZAC, to attack the Dutch territories.

  • 1. The US can declare war on Japan at the START OF THEIR COMBAT MOVE PHASE if Japan makes a DOW on UK/ANZAC. So no, they wouldn’t defend.

    2. Both defend.

    3. UK BB doesn’t defend and can withdraw on its turn as if Japan built a unit there.

    4. Yes, DOW’s on UK apply to ANZAC as well.

    5. To attack the DEI, Japan would have to be at war with ANZAC/UK. That means the fighter would defend.

  • Agree with techroll

    Note that for #3, if the UK does not declare war on Japan the battleship could stay in the zone (would not be hostile), but if Japan has declared war on the US, there is almost no reason for the UK not to declare war on Japan…  So in 99% of cases I suppose the UK BB would need to move (if UK declared war on Japan since Japan DOW on USA)…

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