• Is there an online game for the global version?

  • Not yet …

  • You can play by forum, if you download ABattlemap from here….


    Look in the “play by forum” section and you will see how its done.  Players take turns downloading them map, doing their move, then posting the map for the other side to download.

  • Can’t you also not use the Battlemap and just play with a real board using the site to communicate?

  • Sure.  The first play by forum game I played I did exactly that.  I set up my board and did my moves and transferred them to the Abattlemap and posted them.  Once I got used to I didn’t need the physical board.  you do need to roll dice on the forum though so everyone can see them.

    Here is how to roll dice.  Suppose you are attacking with 2 infantry and 4 tanks.  the command would be

    ;aaa 2@1, 4@3;

    replace the ; with : and the dice will appear.  its easy.

  • Two questions.

    First, isn’t it hard to play on a 2d “board”. Won’t you miss a lot of things that you would normally spot on a 3d board? I suppose this is probably something that you get used to over time.

    Second, I’ve always wondered how the dice work. So if I type:
    ;aaa 2@1, 4@3 - but with a : instead of ;
    But what if I don’t like the dice results? Why can’t I just delete that and then retype the same command?

  • Because the results appear only when you post and your opponent can see when you edited your post.

  • Also, when you post on the play by forum thread, you can’t edit your post like you can on these ones.  Once its posted, its there forever

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