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    Does Japan still collect the $10 trade bonus with US even if japan has not attacked the pacific allies, but the UK attacks them early?

  • I would say they get the $10.  Japan has not made an UNPROVOKED attack so USA can’t declare war.

    Japan NO says:
    10 IPCs if Japan is not at war with the United States, has not attacked French Indo-China, and has not made an unprovoked declaration of war against United Kingdom/ANZAC. Theme: Strategic resource trade with the United States.

    US Political situation says:
    If the United States has war declared on it by an Axis power, an Axis power captures London or any territory in North America, or Japan makes an unprovoked declaration of war on the UK or ANZAC, the United States may declare war on any or all Axis powers.

  • Yes they collect so long as US is not at war and FIC stays unoccupied.

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    Thanks guys.

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