• Is there anyone close to Minneapolis Minnesota, that is up for face to face games? I have HBG’s 4’ x 8’ Global 39 map, the Global 40, and older versions as well.

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    Thx for down loading those maps, it’s nice to see folks invest in them knowing how much goes into creating something like that.

    If your ever in appleton WI, i would love to play

  • 1st Minnesota Historical Wargaming meets at the Source in Falcon Hieghts on Friday nights.
    Tonight, we’re having gaming at my place in Brooklyn Park, MN here at 7PM.  You’re welcome over if you’ld like.
    We’ll choose the game when we get here.


    • edit to delete personal info.  PM me your number if you wish but don’t freely give out your number online, lots of predators and identity thieves out there

  • If you can dedicate a full weekend to play, I might be able to drive up there, (Start on saturday and finish by sunday afternoon).  I live about 20 min west of milwaukee.

  • @robbie
    I will send you my number. I normally work Fridays, but I can probable get some off so I can attend.

    That would be nice, but it wouldn’t be till the end of march.

  • Hey, GLK.
    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, we ended up not playing that night.
    Anyways, MMGA Recon is next Saturday, March 3rd starting at 10am lasting until 11pm.
    It’s $7 at the door, but there’s typically 12-15 A&A players there playing Global '40 or Spring '42.
    Hope to see you there!

  • I also live in the Brooklyn Center area and would like to join some A and A gamers. My e-mail is dcarlso@yahoo.com if you can give me an e-mail that would be awsome! having technical problems sending e-mails within the web site.



  • There is a group of us that play Axis & Allies Global at my home in Plymouth, MN. If you are interested, call me at 612-310-7962

  • I live in Maple Grove and i’ve been looking for other players myself. Are there any other local games around here still?

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