Movement, Transports, Convoys

  • Can ships move after they have been involved in combat and can transports move after they have unloaded? Also, can enemy controlled convoy routes (with no enemy present) be moved into during non-combat and not taken? Also, can a ship move one space and capture a convoy route and then move one space out. Essentially, ship-blitzing?

  • I can tell you that transports definately cannot move after dropping troops off.

  • If the ships move one space to do battle, then yes they can move…and yes, I am guessing you can Blitz to capture a convoy route

    • Ships cannot move after they have been involved in combat
    • Transports may move after they have unloaded
    • Enemy controlled convoy routes may be moved into without taking control… but why wouldn’t you want to take control
    • yes “ship-blitzing” is possible as you are allowed two movements with your ships.

    FYI, there is a downloadable manual on this site which has all the answers you’re looking for.

  • If you’ve read the rulebook carefully, you should know the answers:

    1. In non-combat movement, you can only move your units that you did not move during the combat movement phase.
    2. Once a transport unloads, its move ends.

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