Minor Threat's Alpha+3.9 (Global 1940) COMPLETE! Setup Charts

  • @ChromiumAgeCollector:

    Are these all up-to-date?  I am going to print a set out for a game on Saturday. 🙂

    I think so!

  • Awesome stuff. Thanks Panda

  • I’m revisiting these after quite some time, A New Revision of these will be available soon.

    What to expect:

    • New Design (easier on the eyes)
    • Up-to-date rules
    • and more

    Also i’m thinking of creating setup charts for A&A Anniversary, but i’m undecided.

  • You rock!!

  • I’m getting back into Global after 5-6 years, and am glad to find these charts, which look great - thanks for making them, and keeping them updated.

    That being said, would it be possible to create a printer friendly version, without the extensive areas of dark color and graphical backgrounds with large dark areas? Maybe the remaining graphics would echo the look of the original game’s instructions?

    I’d be happy to try doing this myself, if I could have the files in a format that permits removing or changing those background images or colors.


  • I still like these charts 😉

  • @CHILDREN Thank you for all your work; how is the New Revision coming…

  • @CHILDREN Thanks for designing and sharing these setup charts. I wonder if you have them in a white background. The black background consumes too much of my black ink. Or, would you know other alternative setup charts with a lighter background? Many thanks.

  • Referenced by  RedIndian RedIndian 

  • Guest said in Minor Threat's Alpha+3.9 (Global 1940) COMPLETE! Setup Charts:

    Wow, these are super, muchos gracias 😄

    -United States card: NOs #1 and #4 the word ‘Sovereignty’ spelled wrong (extra ‘i’)
    -UK card: UK (London) operations: the phrase ‘exclusively only’ seems redundant, just ‘exclusively’ would do (same on India card)
    -UK card: the word ‘Canadian’ spelled wrong (extra ‘n’)
    -Japan card: NO #1 the word ‘resource’ spelled wrong (second ‘s’ instead of a ‘c’)
    -ANZAC card: wording of NO #2 seems weird ‘Strategic cornerstone - to far East British Empire’. Does this miss the words ‘Malaya considered’?


    Beside these little wording mistakes, they are still great and stick to the latest updates and rules!

    While I checked my stuff again I found something but I am not quite sure if there is a benefit when you will change it:

    It is not necessary but you could add the (2) for all anti-aircraft gun at DEFENSE… they only occur when Radar is researched…
    Fighter Attack (4) when Jet Fighters
    Submarines --> Super Submarines (3)
    Heavy Bombers Roll 2 Dice (but not easy to show this while not causing confusion)

    and maybe on the turn sequence to add the polictics move “to declare war”

    Just suggestions, no need! As said above, maybe you should leave it like it is… The player should use a Research Board, so that they can see which technology they got… hopefully they do not forget it during the game 😉

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