• Has anyone played using the Flak 88?  If so, here’s my question…

    it’s considered a “heavy gun” with 0 speed and no relocate special ability.  Most of the vehicles that I’ve seen are able to carry light artillery.  Are there any that can carry the Flak88?  if there isn’t one, should I assume that once I deploy it, it’s there to stay until killed?

    thanks again to all

  • Moderator

    i don’t play the land game a whole lot, but I do believe the Opel blitz can move it and there is one other, the 8 ton half track thing i believe can also move it.  but with range 20, just deploy it smartly and you’ll never have to move it

  • '18 Customizer

    The only German unit that can move the Flak 88 and any other unit with the Large SA are the Trucks. It may load and unload in the movement phase but the truck cannot occupy the same hex as the large unit.

  • Thank you both!

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