• I just started playing the game, and I came upon a question about supplies. If the Germans force all the units in a particular hex to retreat except for the supplies, can those units that retreated still use those supplies since the Germans don’t officially commandeer them until the final phase after they move into the hex. I know the Allies can’t use the trucks, but is it the same for the supplies that were left behind?

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    The retreated units won’t be able to use the Supplies to attack, since they will have nothing to attack.  That leaves using them to move.

    Since the Axis moves first, it will have the opportunity to move combat units into the hex before the Allies move.  If it does so (and there is little reason not to, other than inability to do so), the Allies will not be able to use the Supplies, as they may not be used if  there are enemy combat units in the hex.

  • Thanks. That’s what I thought. Playing the Americans is tough. I seem to lost on Turn 5 or 6. I guess I stink.

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    There are many threads on Allied strategy even the ones not labeled “Allied Strategy” end up being about Allied Strategy. It is a steep learning curve.

    This one is fairly recent.

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