• I know that cmdr Jen talked in depth about taking London on G3 (Before Alpha +3.9)

    With the new settup (Alpha +3.9) you may want to wait till G4 (This may be better timed to a J4 Crush Calcutta anyhow)
    And then the USA will not enter the war prematurely.

    I do know that if Germany does it right there is absolutely nothing in UKs power to stop London from falling (Barring erratic dice of course)
    This is fact, set the board up yourself and try it.
    Do everything that UK can possible do to beef up London on its turn 1,2 and 3. Germany will still take London on G3 if Germany knows what its doing.
    (Which includes heavy SBRs)
    And noone can help UK in the Atlantic theater till round 4. USSR cant send planes, USA cant send planes either, till round 4 (Which is after Germanys 4)

    And the USA will not be able to take London back till atleast its turn 5. USA moves into position on its turn 4, then next round assaults London. So Germany will have one round atleast to beef up defenses.

    If UK doesnt assume that London will be attacked and doesnt rally up fighters and the tac from the med on UK1 and instead uses them in the med or N Africa then they will be out of reach to protect UK on UK2 and Germany can take advantage of this and hit on G3.

    So UK must assume that London will be assaulted by G4.

  • @Uncrustable:

    Do everything that UK can possible do to beef up London on its turn 1,2 and 3. Germany will still take London on G3


  • @Vance:


    Do everything that UK can possible do to beef up London on its turn 1,2 and 3. Germany will still take London on G3


    nice one word post. that adequately describes how the UK can stop sealion in G4 lol

    If UK buys maximim units on UK1 and moves all planes it can into pos on UK1
    never scramble fighters if they risk being lost.
    Then UK2 move those planes into UK (repair SBR damage and maximum buy units on UK again. move remaining navy out of Germany navys range so you have some units to block from shore bombard on UK3)
    You are losing atleast 6IPCs from convoy raids plus whatever money you have to spend to repair ur IC to make units
    and axis only need to take and hold on euro UK territory to take away the UK euro NO
    on UK3 move remaining navy to atleast block naval bombard and any more planes that managed to reach UK have to be in London on this turn.
    depending on SBR dice rolls you may or may not even be able to afford to make more than a few units on UK3
    On G4 barring erratic dice (if the germany player knows what he is doing) london will fall, every time

    id like to see the other side if there is one

  • sigh.

    If Germany does all the things it can do to help its chances of pulling off a sea lion, and UK does all the things it can do to defend itself, what are the odds that the sea lion will work with the final setup?  Go look through the “sea lion in alpha 3 thread” at the harris site and you will find the answer.

    With the final setup, sea lion is always a valid threat but it will only actually happen if one side is incompetent.  If the axis prepare for a possible sea lion on round 1 and the allies play incompetently, then Germany can take London without losses that are so bad that they lose the game elsewhere.  If the allies defend UK properly and the axis go through with it anyway, then they are incompetent and they will lose the game.  Those checks and balances have been very carefully thought out.

  • I completely disagree.

    Germany could take london on G3 with miminal losses in alpha 3

    now with the slightly changed settup germany can still take it with minimal losses but not til G4

    Try it yourself i already have several times

    Germany will only lose INF and maybe a couple planes to AA

  • I suppose sea lion could also happen if BOTH sides are incompetent.

  • There is nothing UK can do to stop sealion on G4 if that is Germany goal (other than incompetent Germany play or erratic dice)

    Id love for someone to explain how (someone who actually tested it) UK can easily stop it like vance says

  • I did not say they can easily stop it.  The odds of London falling are somewhere around 2/3 with Germany throwing all resources into it and UK defending maximally.  It is not a sure thing, and definitely not equivalent to winning the game!

  • odds are closer to 75% Germany takes London on G4

    USA can attempt to liberate though on USA5

    Im not saying it is the be-all-end-all
    Just that it can be done no matter what UK does

    If USA puts enough resources they can take it back on USA5
    But lets say on J4 Calcutta falls.

    Crush Calcutta can be done on J4 (one AA gun is the only difference in the pacific theater for UK)

  • The thing is that if the Axis takes London, the US will retake it easily and Russia will crash down from the east.

    Whereas it is virtually impossible for Moscow to be liberated until the game is REALLY over (IMHO Berlin will fall before Moscow, and the only way Moscow is recaptured is if the Allies feel like retaking it (and historically they might not have…)

  • I see your point.

  • Rule changes are now official as of 2/11/12 per Larry’s update on his website.


  • R.I.P.  
    Sea Lion 😢

    Welcome back operation barbarossa.  😉

  • Barbarossa FTW!!!

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    I attacked Russia G1 today, the axis lost, but I wouldn’t blame the German strategy for it. I would do it again for sure. Sorry for the lame report, but it’s past my bed time.

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