Reconciliation of God and Evolutionist Ideas

  • Disclaimer: This thead makes the assumption that Creationism is true (God created the universe). Whether that is correct is up for debate. If you would like to debate evolution vs creation, please do so in another thread. Thanks.

    That aside, I have read things in the other threads that lead me to believe that there are several individuals who are Christian (or believe in God). However, some of their comments lead me to believe that they also feel that a form of evolution is true. Could those individuals please explain what they believe and why. I am specifically interested in how you reconcile God and evolution (i.e. Gap theory, Theisic evolution, etc.).

  • I dont pretend to support creationism at all, and i staunchly do not believe in god. but i think those that reconcile god and evolution say that god purposefully did evolution, that is, it was created that way

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