Tank Combat Movement

  • New player here. I had a question regarding tank combat movement. Here is the scenario Russia takes and then holds West Russia in its first turn. On Germany’s turn it takes West Russia then uses remaining tanks in range to move through the newly acquired territory to attack Moscow. Now is this a legal move? I’m under the impression that it is not since all combat movement happens simultaneously. I fear this is the reason why in my games Russia has been getting stomped out continuously.

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    That German move would not be legal. Combat move is a separate phase, so Germany first needs to do its combat move, then all combat happens, and then, there’s the non-combat move. You can’t do a second combat move after combat.

    Tanks may blitz through an empty territory and then attack another territory that they can reach, but in your example, West Russia is clearly not empty, so that doesn’t apply.

  • Thanks much appreciated. I wondered why Russia seemed very weak.

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