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  • Hi. I posted earlier and I haven’t gotten any responces. I don’t know why, but enough of that. I have been reviewing the board most recently and have found (with the help of a friend) that if Germany were to place 3 ardi in Rumania, they could take every one of the purple states (Baltic States, East Poland, and Bessarabia) and Ukraine, almost guaranteed. We ran all the possible battles over and over, but every time Germany came out stronger than SOV. We finnaly came up with a counter measure. It is drastic, but if you don’t do it SOV then has a 8 border front threatening moscow with tanks and stalingrad directly. We decided that SOV would have to pull every unit from Bellorussia, Stalingrad, and Caucasus and counter attack into Ukraine. Then every unit from Russia, Moscow, and Turkestan into Bellorussia. Archangel units into Karelia, and Siberian units into Russia. The only thing that you wouldn’t redivert would be the armor that SOV has left. Take it and split it into two forces, 2 tanks into Russia, and 3 into Turkestan. The last thing to do is to place 8 inf into Lenningrad. With fighter support from UK this should allow you to hold for another 4 turns easy. Thoughts… comments?

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  • Firstly if you see the German build 3 artillery in Rumania, then I would place 4 infantry in Ukraine. Now if this German attack succeeds…
    1. Move all of your tanks into Turkestan, move inf from caucasus into ukraine inf from stalingrad into ukraine, artillery from stalingrad and belorussia into ukraine.

    2. Move infantry from Leningrad into Baltic states, 2 inf from belorussia into baltic states and use your fighter and bomber in baltic states.

    3. Move infantry from moscow, turkestan, and russia into belorussia.

    4. Move artillery from moscow into russia, leave russian artillery there.

    5. Move infantry from vyborg into karelia.

    6. Move infantry/artillery from siberia and archangel into russia.

    7. Place 8 infantry into Moscow.

    8. Use British bomber to kill german transport in baltic sea.

  • I’m sry to say this, but every time we play ( my friends and I) Germany always takes every purple state, always! I have every territory behind that to work with, and i have come across something new. It might be possible for SOV to take Finland and Norway on turn 2 with a numerical advantage. Plus i feel that it might work to eat away at the Germans litle by little, taking of flackk bit by bit. This might help in the finnal battle that everyone knows will come. Thx for taking the time to read.

  • The thing you have to remember is that if you spread out too much the german armor that is massed in Poland can attack and kill stacks of infantry very easily. I have found that a German attack as the one you are describing ends in the loss of most of its fodder by turn 2 and now in a race to build up infantry the russians are going to win. Always give them the middeast money because it makes up for the economic damage that germany deals them.

  • Well, there is no mideast money…

  • Why would germany even want to take ALL the purple states in their first turn. Thats just plain stupid. It wears your infantry thin, and allow the Russians counter-attacks to be successful. And the purple states are only worth 1 IPC each, 0 IPC for the southern most purple territory. Germany should only focus on capturing Territories that have actual strategic value. On first turn as Germany, I would consider taking only Baltic States the first turn as Germany, So i could push more infantry to the eastern front, and fortify (Rumania, Poland and Baltic States).

    And for Russia to build infantry in Leningrad, I believe is a mistake. If Russia spent all their money on infantry for Leningrad, I will automatically burst through Ukraine, and take Stalingrad. And if the Russians spend all their money on infantry in Stalingrad, I’ll ignore Stalingrad for the time being and capture Leningrad. I would be able to achieve this because I built up equally strong forces in Rumania, and Poland + Baltic States. So I’d suggest building all your infantry in Moscow, and moving them into Belorussia (has huge strategic value for Russia).

    Usually by Turn 2, Ill attack Leningrad head on with infantry from germany (via transport in baltic sea). And the Finland + Norway forces can help too. Tanks that were placed in Poland would attack, planes from certain areas. And lastely a few infantry at best. You might win, if you do that’s great. Because next turn, Russia can’t build in Leningrad, as they did not own the complex from the start of their turn.

    In all, Moscow first turn, should make a Belorussian Stack, build a mixture of infantry and artillery (artillery for a counterattack into germany), and maybe 1 tank a turn (be sure to keep tanks in safe territories where they arent targets for German planes, so the tanks can blitz into attack when you need to). Build no planes or bombers what-so-ever, it’s a waste of money Russia doesn’t have. Let Britain and USA fly planes over, thats thre job.

    Oh dear, I write too much :oops:

  • BTW, I wrote the above strategy, just forgot to log in. :lol:

    • PrisonerOfWar

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