• In sea zones with an airbase, can the attacker send airpower to protect lone transports from any scrambled air units the defender might be able to scramble, during  the attackers combat move?

  • No.  The attacker must make all combat moves, including any moves of air units to seazones that MAY be scrambled to.  After the combat moves are finished, the defender then decides if they wish to scramble.  If they do, and the attacker didn’t task aircraft to protect, it’s over, done and too late.

  • I had to read the question a few times to understand exactly what was being asked.  At first it read like you wanted to scramble fighters to defend your transports  from enemy defending air that was scrambled, during the combat phase.

    NOW I understand it better;

    You want to know if you can send airpower WITH your transports in the chance that they MAY be attacked by scrambled fighters?

    If so, I say yes you can, as part of your combat move, send fighters into the sea zone as long as they can return to a safe landing zone after combat is concluded.

  • I agree with you Rorschach. Yes you can.

  • Official Q&A

    Yes, and ships as well.

  • yeah, sorry, I misinterpreted what you were asking (as rorscach mentioned).  What they said.  You send planes WITH the transports, anticipating any scramble.  It’s one of the only combat moves that can occur with the possibility of no combat.

  • Thank You, Basically airpower or/both sea power can protect transports from scramblers. But one must commit before they know if there will be a battle. I get it an like it.

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