• TripleA

    anzac brazil is funny.

  • Couple questions on the Japan to Brazil. Your initial moves I imagine the US will build in the Pacific so once capturing Brazil wouldnt it be wise to close the Panama canal so their navy cannot follow. I haven’t played in ages.

  • I’m in a game right now as the allies, and Soviets have taken Iraq, Persia, Brazil, and DEI  :lol: Axis player refuses to see the writing on the wall though, so I’ll have to teach him to read  :evil:

  • I like the ANZAC  Brazil thing – takes some resources and a lot of time – but my Kiwi’s usually are stranded anyway ----
    You will prob. have the extra 2 income all game.

    The real reason NOT to do it is to deny the USA the spot.

    As USA move ground troops down to Central America before a DOW
    As soon as you are in the war Pounce on Venezuela
    ( fighting 2 troops for 2 income is the best ROI you will find )
    Next turn Activate Brazil

    …oops just saw the hitch ALL neutrals go pro-axis!

    (We house rule neutral blocks so if a SA neutral is taken only the SA neutrals change status - same for european and Middle Eastern blocks)

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