• I’m near Morgantown WV. One of my friends in the same area also plays.

    I have Classic, the old Pacific/Europe, Guadalcanal, Spring 1942 (with a big 64"x34" banner board), and just recently (never played yet) Pacific/Europe 1940.

    I regularly travel north as far as Pittsburgh PA, west as far as Wheeling WV, south as far as Charleston WV, and east as far as Cumberland MD. I could be persuaded to travel a bit further in any of those directions to play A&A once in a while. My work schedule is fairly flexible: I have days off on weekdays and weekends alike depending on the week.

    I’d be willing to host or drive, and for just about any version(s) you’d care to play.

  • '10

    I live in Cumberland.

    I’ve only ever played a handful of games of Spring '42 online, but own both 1940 games (Never played). I’ve been to Morgantown a few times and would have no problem coming up. My work schedule sounds similar and I can usually get any day but Friday or Saturday off with ease.

    Shoot me a message or something and I’m sure we can figure something out.

  • Global 1940 (our first attempt) at my house this weekend (~2/19/2012) if you are interested Col. Webb. Board is already set up. You would make player #3.

  • bump

    I’m still interested in playing some face-to-face Axis and Allies if anyone is available in the WV, western PA, or western MD regions!

  • Chapmanville, WV
    A&A G40

  • @exmilkman Are you still looking for some play of G40? I live in VA, can travel. Best way to reach me is by email at jonkrost@comcast.net

  • '19 '18

    @Varn-H I am about 50 west of Pittsburgh and 20 miles South of Youngstown…sent you a pm

  • '19 '18

    @jonathan-rost I am in Ohio I will send you an email.

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