Game Day Feb 26th in North Haven, CT

  • Hey guys and gals.  If anyone is interested, we’ll be having a game day in North Haven, CT.  We have 4000 sqft of empty office space to play games all day long.  We will definitely have at least one game of Global 1940 going.  We will have some other games as well throughout the day.  Plenty of place to eat.  Large clean bathrooms.  Fridge to put your favorite beverage in.  (Prefer no alcohol due to work location).

    Contact me via email (brian@thediceturret(dot)com.


  • Still space available for gaming this coming Sunday.  We’re a short drive from NYC.  We have people coming from the Boston area as well.  We should have about 25 people people playing all types of games.  Mostly Axis and Allies of course.

    We will have a minimum of 3-4 Global games setup at once.



  • Well lets hear the results,  who played well and who didnt and how the dice treated ya’ll new strat.'s theat worked and ones that did not

    If you would be so kind as to……S.A.

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