• So, AFAIK this is where strategy goes.

    As the subject says, I’m new here, so this is a pretty general thing about strats with Alpha+3 (note that I’ve not even finished a game of it, but just what I think).

    I really think the new rules help the Germans play a successful Barbarossa. That being said, Sealion is impossible  :? :? :?. One of the things I liked about the OOB setup is that Germany could either do Barbarossa or Sealion. But now it takes a LOT of the fun out of playing as Germany.
    I guess you could call that realism, and I think Alpha+3 adds a lot of fun realism to Europe. France is even more of a pushover on G1. I send 1 tac. to France and all available ground. IMHO the AA in France isn’t a good idea because it limits Luftwaffe action. The Luftwaffe shouldn’t be attacking France, but if Germany wants to use that asset there, they shouldn’t have the worry of AA fire.
    As for the naval battles, I think there is more realism there as well. The RN is almost guaranteed to survive in some quantity, which is nice. If Germany tries to bring the Luftwaffe/Kreigsmarine on targets off of Britain, they’ll be pounded. This means that that DD and transport in 109 are safe round 1, at least.
    I like to hit everything except 109 and 110 G1. I also like to pull a big SBR on GB G1 as well. The new rules make the Battle of Britain much more realistic. I likes.

    I don’t do the normal Carrier G1. I like adding to the Wehrmacht with armor/artillery and the Luftwaffe with a fighter.

    As for Russia, I like the factory Ukraine. It’s another objective to defend, and something for the Germans between Romania and Stalingrad (a long way). Because I can be sure Germany is coming at me, I like to buy 6 inf (3 Leningrad, 3 Ukraine) and then some mech/tank in Russia. I’ll mass my mech/tank force in Bryansk so they can hit the 3 front territories R2 (either to reinforce or as a counterattack). I put the Baltic fleet in 113 and the sub in 125 to protect the NO and do convoy on Norway. I pull 12 inf. back to defend my backside from Japan pushing through China. I leave the other 6 and the 2 AA to keep Japan honest.

    As for Japan, I like my normal blitz on China and the massing of forces in Kiangsi for a J2 move on UKP (who is weakened by having only 1 transport, 1 DD, 1 cruiser and 1 BB to fight the IJN). I’ll leave a defense fleet off the Caroline Islands, hoping for a J2 Pearl Harbor. Usually I let ANZAC be.

    Beyond that, there are too many variables (i.e. dice (in my game, Germany lost 2 inf. in France G1 and 3 in Yugoslavia) to come up with as detailed a strat. But as US, I like to go for a D-Day ASAP (and this is easier because of no Sealion). As China, I retreat into 1 single stack to cause Japan as much pain as possible. As UKE, I’ll try to dominate Africa/the Med and THEN the air over Britain (although I try to ensure that the Germans aren’t sending giant waves over the Channel every round). As UKP, I like to build 1 transport and the rest land units to try to hold off the Japanese assault. Depending on the situation, I might like to try a UKE minor IC Persia to 1. provide troops to the African campaign and 2. to provide troops to defend India if it’s Japan’s target.

  • so, are you saying sealion in ALPHA 3 is impossible?

  • techroll42, here’s my advice.

    Don’t spoil yourself with this forum and enjoy your unexperienced gameplay with your friends for at least 10 games.

    They will be the 10 more fun games of your life!

    After you learn how the strategies developed in the common games here, you will see how easy Sea Lion is and why there’s concern about it right now, and it will ruin all your future games!  😄

  • What Noll said.


  • TripleA

    In all fairness sea lion doesn’t always work in live games. you get diced somewhere more often than not. It still has a high success rate when executed properly.

    If I had to put a % odds… I’d say 95%. After UK is done, axis wins about 60-70% of the time depending on what is left. usually a ton of guys. Russia has to play smart though and take some axis territories the round it gets thrown into the war.

    I do recommend Russia pushing Japan with 18 inf and 3 aa guns. Even if you lose all of it, sets japan back pretty good and gives china/india breathing room. I like it. So you don’t get the neutrals when japan hits… but the value you get out of china/india exceeds it. Allies are doing much better with a more aggressive russia. still favors axis.

  • TripleA

    Once you get sea lion play figured out. All your future games will never be fun or exciting.

    Could always do what some people do. NO SEALION UNTIL RUSSIA FALLS OR YOU WILL BE THROWN OUT AND STOMPED ON. My favorite house rule. 🙂

  • @Cow:

    Once you get sea lion play figured out. All your future games will never be fun or exciting.

    Could always do what some people do. NO SEALION UNTIL RUSSIA FALLS OR YOU WILL BE THROWN OUT AND STOMPED ON. My favorite house rule. 🙂

    This is what happens when we play. It’s not a house rule, the player who usually plays Germany has in his mindset that if Russia doesn’t fall, you’ve lost the war. He always attacks G1 and it is pretty tough to beat.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice.

    Unfortunately my friends don’t come over enough, so I end up just testing out different strategies. Right now I am trying really hard as Germany to bomb the living heck out of Britain. And it’s working: at the end of G2, ALL British facilities on the island (except for airbase Scotland) were gone. The whole Royal Navy was gone as well (but so was the Kriegsmarine). I figure with the bombing and the subs I’m throwing at Britain it’s almost better to just bomb them. Because I think I could even when the US came into the war. Russia is going to die, and I think Germany is going to do really well.

    As for Italy, they’re in major trouble with Africa. On UKE1 I tried out taking Tobruk. I succeeded (albeit at the cost of not having my Med. AF available to pound the Italian Navy), which has thrown Italy on its heels. Also, I landed 1 loaded trans. from GB (with 2 inf.) and if it survived the U-boats G2, it would’ve grabbed Brazil.

    Japan is probably going to crush India/China, but since Russia is under so much pressure to retreat they’ll probably leave each other alone and not trigger the Mongol infantry.

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