Question about alpha +3 N.O's on pac 40 stand alone.

  • just played europe 40 with alpha +3 N.O’s and the game was great. Just set up Pac 40 alpha+3 and with the new N.O’s it looks like America will not be able to keep up with the Japanees in IPC’s. Has anyone played pac40 as a stand alone game with alpha+3 rules yet and was the game competetive.

  • This is a rather late reply, but the question addressed still stands on this thread, so I will offer up my two cents.

    I recently played Pacific 40 with the new Alpha +3 rules, set up and NO and believe me, Japan can indeed outpace the United States in IPC production, especially if there is real opposition left (ie, China and India) which has been crushed by the weight of air power. The DEI is really all Japan needs, and their fleet to protect it. With China and India crushed, DEI taken, (including the aforementioned NO, but potentially plus the others.) Japan is looking at a potential 70 -80 IPC per turn, compared with the U.S’s 60 -65 IPC per turn.

    Perhaps because I was playing with rather inexperienced American player, who very seemed hesitant to attack the Japanese fleet, lest he be left with no operational navy save for a few transports and destroyers back in sea zone 10. Or maybe he wanted to help protect Australia from invasion, wasting time and energy in a defective allied strategy under the wrong circumstances. Or maybe he wanted to build up forces and swing them down south.

    Whatever the case, Allied power was disorganized and not brought to bear that game. I want to play the set up again, with more experienced players this weekend, and see how it goes.

    However yes, it does seem very hard for the U.S to lay down a truly capable fleet, even with the +5 NO they can conceivably get during the stand alone. Kind of reminds of those “limited war” strategies from the War Plan Orange sessions, one arm tied behind their back.

  • When you’re close to taking Sydney as a final VC, u’ll find yourself producing over 90 IPC’s hehe… The trick with the US is to destroy Japan’s Navy piece by piece. This allows Hawaii and Sydney to be safe from a Japanese invasion wich denies them victory. U’ll find that the caroline islands are also very important. This gives a 1-turn passage into mainland China where you can almost land anywhere and create a gap in that japanese front (or, even better, if the japanese player built an IC, to take it away :)), and please land before India is captured.

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