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    unnecessary backstory: i have been playing axis & allies in some capacity since “classic” back in the 80s. recently got some friends addicted to playing AA42 and AAG40 (with some d-day mixed in)… have had up to 9 of us playing with 3 or 4 who couldn’t make it. crazy. so, i’ve gotten the itch to build myself an AA table mainly for AAG40, but i want to be able to use it for the other AA games as well.

    selfish need: i am trying to track down high quality PDF or JPG or whatever other file types for AA games so i can have them all printed to roughly the same size (thinking about 72"x36") and all reasonably fit the AA table mentioned above. [suggestions welcome for table dimensions or requirements.]

    specifics: i have tried to look around the forums here, and have found some map files amongst a mix of broken links. so, i already have map files for AA42, AA50 (IL’s versions stickied above) and AAG40, but i was hoping this would be the right forum section to ask if anyone knows where i could get AAP (the 2001 version), AAE (the 2000 version), AA50 (original) or provide any other map suggestions.

    thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the board!  Im sure some folks around here can point you in the right direction.

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  • sorry i wasn’t clear enough, i already have the files aa42 & aa50 from that link.

    looking for AAP (2001), AAE (2000), aa50 (original, the file in link above seemed different enough…with azores and malta added).


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