Friendly transports acting as bridges?

  • I’m not at my board so bare with me please. Ex. America has transports off the coast of normandy, can british troops load and unload on the same turn using the us’s transports as bridges or does it take 2 turns.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    It takes two turns.

    You load on the british turn, and then on the american turn the transport moves - even if it moves NOWHERE, and then on the following UK turn you can unload.

  • thanks alot that’s what I thought.

  • Don’t you have to move your pieces on your turn?  You cannot load an American troop on the UK turn.  You have to load him on the US turn and unload on US turn.

  • '10

    You can’t move UK troops on the US turn, Doc.

  • I know.  Nor move US troops on UK turn.

    I think the original question was on the UK turn, can the troops use US transports to go accross to Normandy.  The transports are not actually moving.  The UK boards and disembarks on hi own turn so I believe the turn is legal.  You cannot do more that 2 units like normal per turn per transport.


  • Gargantua’s answer was clear and 100% correct.

    If the UK wants to use a US TRN to move from one land zone to another it will take two turns.  On UK1 they load onto the TRN. On US1 the TRN moves from the loading land zone to the target land zone (even if both land zones are adjacent to the same seazone such that the TRN never moves spaces on the game board).  On UK2 the units debark.

  • Ah!  I misread his post.  Got it now.

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