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How much time to be at war?

  • Hi, just want to know, when you play face to face, especially with many players, how much time it takes you before evryone is at war?..…2 hours ? 3 hours?


  • Well for my group it takes anywhere from 2-3 hours roughly. never clocked it. So your guess is pretty much spot on from this view.

  • TripleA

    it gets faster the more you play. Don’t play global with people that take long to do figure out what their buy and moves etc. Bust out the AA50 box instead.

    One or two turns of taking awhile is okay, those pressure turns where you decide which path to take is fine, but every turn is bullshit.

  • At that rate 1 hour = approx. 1 year.

    Anyone use a chess timer or sand timer to keep the game moving?

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