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    I just got my new Soviet tanks in the mail. They rock. I have to put them together still the tracks and turrets have to be glued. I got 24 T34s 12 Stalins and 12 of the hull mounted tank killers, I for got the name :oops:

    When I get them ready I will get a digital pic and post a link. 😉

  • A&A size?
    or 1/72?

  • The tank destroyers are probably either SU100/122 or ISU122/152. The SUs are built arround the T34 chasis and the ISUs are built arround the IS (Stalin tank) chasis.

    Check this site for details:

    Russian AFVs of WWII

    Enjoy, and good haul!

  • Okay, if it’s Russia’s vehicle history…
    where are the automobiles?

  • As you wish!

    Get your sexy Lada today!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist 😛

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    Thats agood one bolter…

    The tanks are 1/350 scale which is about what the original peices are.

    And they are infact SUs 100s I think I will get a pic when I get them glued together.

  • Hey! That Lada’s one hot mini-SUV(more like a mini-land rover.) Can I get one in hot pink for my bootylishous self??

    Oh, so the tanks aren’t for a room size A&A map! How disappointing. I was loooking forward to picking up a tank and going “vroom-VROOM!” across the coffee table. Ah, yes! The good old days…

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