Antiaircraft gun

  • okay here is one more for you guys to answer, Anti aircraft gun has no land attack, when it is the only land unit left on the island besides a landing field and supplies are you able to capture it and use it against it former owner?

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    Sigh.  😢

    Do not read rules from other A&A games into Guadalcanal.

    AA counts as a land unit the same way as artillery and infantry. They even have their own spot to be a casualty on the battlebox. They are not captured. An AA even though it provides no land attack dice will allow your adjacent cruisers and battleships to contribute their land attack power to determining control of the island.

    (I guess the fact that the AA is not neutral gray wasn’t enough of a clue?  :lol: )

  • Thanks for the answer, not sure about the gray remark since the company can’t even get the cruisers right. The game still works

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