Funniest Site Ever i spent 5 hours reading.

  • ROTFL great guy such and ASS Hole though 😉

  • I read this site all the time, his “I am better then your kids” rant is the best ever.

  • yea aint it, and i thought his rant about hitting children was hilarious with showing all the types of ways u can hold your hand while slapping a child lol

  • A quick review…
    Not bad. If I had worthless hours to waste. However, I prefer to waste my time creating a philosophy of life based on Monty Python movies and the program. 😎

    He does have much of value re: kids and teenagers. 😉
    He nailed the Matrix: Reloaded movie… never saw a better review. 😎

    He is biased so his view that his website is “the greatest in the universe” is invalid. I would say it’s in the Top Ten Greatest Websites for Those Wishing to Waste Time. 😄

  • its a great website, but ive seen a lot of what he has (not in exact wording) on a lot of other websites. possible they took it from him, but i saw the others first, so im biased. anyway, its ok he thinks his website is the best in the universe, cause he knows he is totally biased

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