Europe and pasific 1940 review, idees and some questions

  • Hello A&A fans, pardon my franch 😉 I`m from Norway, and uses Goggle translate. 😉

    Thought to share some views about the Big board Europe and pacific 1940, which I have just bought, and I would appreciate your views on the changes Ive made, and initiatives ideas for further improvement. There is one home rule I am interested in, Is it okey to remove the conduct convoy disrution rule ? I read some reviews about the struggle Japan is facing in zone 6 from US subs, but will it change the fair starting point because some power will benefit  on this change ?

    The game:
    First, some little criticism. Still in general I am satisfied……
    I opened the boxes, with stars in my eyes, but than I was actually a little disappointed.
    They cost 170 $ each here in Norway, so I expected a lot, in relation to my good old originally A&A spring 1942 published in 1981.
    No cash money( cash is king) simple battleboard with separate casualty zone, unit boxes without own apartments for quick pick.
    although it was great with more earies zones, but than they was smaller and it become cramped, especially In central Europe. So whay make the tanks bigger ? I miss the ekstra zone on the side,fore the main areas, UK, Germany and now for the new powers France and Italy for the location, exsample the aircraft units 
    The token for factory and anti aircraft gun was simple, and with some gaps between the boards was annoying too.  ( I am looking for a transparent H-profil for connecting the boards together…any tips )

    The new strategic options is challenging for me in the beginning, and some frends of my who is new players, so the game do not scear them away, I have made some new  info charts.
    Like the combined arms chart, in hands with the battle board, aircraft remaining move chart. And the reminder of the special tactic scrable. And the conduct convoy disruption rule.
    I have made ekstra plasement zones for the UK, Germany, France and Italy. Every effort to limit the units on the board , inspired by the HBG  board, I have splitt the factory, navy/ airbase tokens, made them thinner and clued them on the board, so they don`t move around or interfering with the units.
    I also fixed the battle board , lock nice I think
    My next project is to make a easy remember chart for damage factory,air and navy bases. Its easy with the pre positioned,  but Any idees on how it can be don for example new purchases and upgraded factorys .

    Long post, but it’s a great game and  I am dedicated or addicted…… Possible both.….:D will post some pictures later.

    Best regards

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