• German artillary are overrated. All the time people go and buy 10 turn 1 with germany. If germany does this, it’s quite obvious what russia needs to do. They need to build artillary to attack in belorussia.

    I have run the odds calculator, and the more tanks you can get, the less artillary you need. This is because extra infantry will serve as the fodder allowing the tanks to hit more. With artillary, the only fodder you have is the infantry hitting at 1.

    The more turns the stack, the more artillary you need (its a bigger stack). With a 7 turn stack, and only 20 tanks (It’s common to get 24 or more) You need no more than 16 artillary to reach near optimal play. Since you start with 9 (10 if you can get the one in africa to europe) I think it’s best to buy only 5-6 more. If you buy more, you might have +3% odds in moscow, but if the russian decides to counter attack in belorussia, the odds there shift about 7-8% for every 3 artillary you swap for 4 infantry.

    I would go with 14-16, maybe 18 artillary (you are really short on tanks <20) The only reason I would have more than 20 artillary at a time is if russia somehow lost all it’s offence, and a counter in belorussia is impossible. Russia can build infantry the whole game, and the turn you start with the tanks, it can build artillary, so you can’t really predict what russia is going to do.

    If you think I’m wrong or have any comments at all let me know. I know all the really good players counter in belorussia, because it works. This will stop that from happening. What do you think?

  • Germany starts out with more than enough infantry and arty, I know people on this board say don’t just build tanks with Germany but hey a stack of 30 tanks with 45 inf and 10 artillery will always win. By turn 4 Germany can get all of its european inf into east poland. You dont need to garrison any thing just send your airforce out to kill any transports near england and build the occasional sub to aid in stopping allied landings.

  • i tried something yesterday,
    w/ 12 ipcs - 1 sub, bank 4
    w/ 44 ipcs - i purchased 8 art, 4 inf.
    It’s a nice little stack and the arty turns my inf into supermen. This is a sweet buffer (which hurts to lose).
    Anyway, the next turn i purchased armor.
    The next turn i had a nasty little force sitting in Poland looking across E. Poland at Russia, smacking its lips 🙂

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